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The Difference Between Secondary School Math and JC Math

October 31, 2019 | By newdawn

As students make the transition from secondary school to Junior College (JC), they quickly realise that though many subjects seem similar, the fundamentals are actually very different! This is especially the case with secondary school math and JC H2 math, where students will have to apply themselves very differently in order to excel and score those distinctions.

If you’re considering taking H2 math is JC, you should prepare yourself as soon and best you can. That’s why we’ve put together this helpful guide to distinguishing secondary school and JC math, and what you can do to prepare for this!

Secondary School Math

Firstly, learn two types of math in secondary school. All students start out learning elementary math (E math), and as they progress to upper secondary, they get the option to take on additional math (A math).

With E math, students learn basic skills and techniques that are vital for daily application in life such as calculating percentages, understanding probability, making buying decisions using the higher purchase scheme, and calculating compound interest. These basic skills will help with basic investment decisions in the future, be it personal or for application in certain professions.

If you do get the option to take on A math, that already shows that you have a stronger grasp on mathematics. With A math, students develop a higher order of thinking and move on to learn about advanced algebra commands, while acquiring mathematical concepts and skills for higher studies in math as well as other subjects such as science.

Any student who is considering taking H2 math in JC has to have strong foundational knowledge in A math, so planning what subjects to take in your secondary school curriculum is extremely important in this respect!

JC H2 Math

As compared to secondary school math, both elementary and additional, H2 math requires students to be more proactive in practising and solving questions. This is because unlike elementary or additional math, H2 math presents students with multiple ways to solve an equation, which means that their grasp on concepts, theories and their ability to think critically will be extremely important.

Many students who transition from secondary school to JC math find themselves struggling, and this is because even though you might have excelled in A math, there is a huge bridge to gap between that and H2 math, and it presents itself very early on. Many JC H2 math lecturers dive into the theories and concepts expecting students to have a decent understanding of the topics already, so it’s essential to start your preparations early if you want to stay on top of everything.

The more students delay in getting the necessary H2 math tuition, the more their doubts will pile up, which can lead to an increasing loss in confidence as time goes on. As more theories and concepts get introduced, students have less time to catch up and rectify these issues. It’s important to remember that in J1 you only have 7 months to promote, and 10 months before the A level maths exams.

The Importance of H2 Math Tuition

Not only is it important to start early with H2 math tuition, but it’s also important to adjust students’ views on H2 math tuition as well. With secondary math tuition, consistent practice in solving equations may help a student achieve their distinctions.

However, when it comes to H2 math tuition, just going through practice questions won’t suffice. Students have to understand the underlying concepts and theories instead of memorising basic methods of application.

With H2 math tuition, teachers focus on helping students grasp the fundamental concepts while guiding them in how exactly to apply it, and when. Having tuition in H2 math will also benefit students as they will be provided with different learning materials outside of their lecture notes to help them gain a better understanding of the subject. For instance, at New Dawn Learning Studio, we provide materials that are based on updated questions and tips that we gather from various sources.

A-Level Maths Tuition

H2 math is a challenging but fulfilling topic to take on. The key to success is preparation, and building a solid understanding, both of which require sufficient time and planning! At New Dawn Learning Studio, we help students start this transition on the right note while giving them the tools and resources to excel in H2 math in JC!

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