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We provide Secondary Math tuition in Singapore that places heavy focus on the students’ understanding of the subject. Our approach is to first evaluate a student’s Algebraic skills, and then to build up their Math fundamentals to equip them with the necessary skills to tackle higher order Math questions. As our focus is on thinking skills and the understanding of mathematical problems rather than memorizing of mathematical formulas, we will encourage weaker students to sign up for intensive classes to help them build up analytical skills. Every lesson is thoroughly prepared to cater to the needs of the students. Furthermore, challenging questions are provided to help develop the students’ potential for a distinction in Math.

Whether you are looking for E Math, IP Math, or A Math tuition in Singapore, we are confident to help you achieve better results.


Why you should sign up for Secondary Math Tuition at New Dawn?

“The results speak for itself”:
Our success rate is more than 90%
8 out of 10 achieved A1 in Singapore-Cambridge GCE ‘O’ Level Math


Why Get Secondary Math Tuition in Singapore?

As Mathematics is one of the compulsory subjects in secondary curriculum, we understand that students place top priority on acquiring the essential skills in tackling Secondary Math in order to secure a good pass in the final Singapore-Cambridge GCE ‘O’ Level Math examination. Be it Trigonometry, Vectors or Algebra, or any other topics that must be covered in Secondary Math syllabus, we are here to help you for good. Through our E Math and A Math tuition classes, our tutors want to make sure that Secondary Math will not be your nightmare but instead a joyful subject to study. Coupled with your due diligence and academic responsibility to follow through the systematic lessons and relevant notes which we painstakingly developed, we can ensure your hard fought success in Secondary Math. Your ultimate goal must be no less a distinction in Singapore-Cambridge GCE ‘O’ Level Math examination because for most students, particularly those who don’t view Secondary Math as their forte, aiming this high might seem impractical or unlikely, we are committed to assist you to fulfil this seemingly lofty goal to surprise yourself. Apparently, your Secondary Math journey begins with the first step of signing up Secondary Math with New Dawn Learning Studio for a progressive learning programme that teaches you to take the bull by its horns through the strategies you will acquire in solving all likely Secondary Math questions.

At New Dawn Learning Studio, we have 3-prong approach:

1. Notes

In every Secondary Math lesson, we will provide students with notes that state the topics and learning objectives to be covered. Included in the notes are clear examples of each typical Secondary Math question, systematic step-by-step worked solution and tip(s) on the approach.
Our Secondary Math tutor will patiently teach accordingly to the notes given per lesson, starting with the fundamental understanding and approach to each topic.

2. Tutorial

After the lecture, our Secondary Math tutorial will allow students to practise what is covered to review their understanding of the key concepts. During the tutorial session, students can freely interact with their Secondary A & E Math tutor to seek further clarification to enhance their learning.
Homework, though optional but helpful, is given for further practice at home. At New Dawn Learning Studio, we believe that every student is important. Therefore, for stronger students, we provide higher-order thinking questions from the latest Secondary Math exam questions extracted from post top school exam papers to work on. As for students who are weaker in the subject, we provide them with ten-year series questions to aid and guide them to the correct concepts before attempting higher-order questions.

3. Summary Sheet

A separate Summary Sheet is also given to students, providing a quick-check on formula to assist them with their work.


Common problems Secondary E Math students face

Most students encounter difficulties in Secondary E Math where Algebra, Trigonometry and Pythagorean Theorem, and Vectors are concerned. This is why effective assistance is offered at New Dawn Learning Studio. Take Algebra for example. We believe that to do well in Algebra, students have to start from Expansion and Factorisation which are involved in Algebraic fractions. This is where guidance is provided and reinforced. We will also help students by providing worksheets from Expansion, Factorisation, Algebraic fractions, solving Quadratic Equations to Simultaneous Equations.

Common problems Secondary A Math students face

Students doing Secondary A Math need to adopt a more structured approach when solving A Math questions as they are step-by-step in nature and formulaic. Common topics most students find challenging are Indices, Logarithms and Trigonometry. At New Dawn Learning Studio, we approach the A Math challenge by giving students an overview of the topic, i.e., “see the big picture”, followed by a breakdown of the question before applying the clearly defined steps to tackle the question. This approach to Secondary A Math helps students understand, anticipate and be more focused on what is coming in Secondary A math exam papers. With conscientious practice, students can master this subject and fare well in Singapore-Cambridge ‘O’ level A Math examination. Furthermore, students learning Secondary A Math at New Dawn Learning Studio will be equipped with the effective techniques required to tackle H2 Math in JC.

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