A Level Physics Tuition

Teaching Methodology


A level Physics Tuition

In our A Level Physics Tuition classes, we will help students to understand the force of nature, and the principle of the universe and its application. Inclusive in the delivery of Physics is the Mathematics approach, a systematic guide to the mathematics application to Science which is used to explain physical phenomena.


Challenges of A Level Physics

A Level Physics is known as an application-based subject which requires students to be able to understand and apply relevant formulas in answering Physics questions. Students are not recommended to memorise question types but rather, to have an in-depth understanding of why certain formulas are used and the abstract concepts behind it. Similar to A Level Chemistry, questions set in the Singapore-Cambridge GCE ‘A’ Level Physics examination will intertwine concepts from several topics in the Physics MOE syllabus. Students must be able to decipher the topics they are tested on and show how knowledge from the different topics can be discussed in relation to one another. Our tutors’ role is therefore to show how the concepts can be linked effectively to answer the questions which in turn strengthen the students’ scientific knowledge.
As mentioned above, Mathematics is used to explain physical phenomenon. Students demonstrate their Physics knowledge by deploying Mathematical tools such as simultaneous equations, algebra and drawings graphs etc to deliver their explanations in examinations smoothly. Our tutors are specialised in teaching A Level Physics and can offer a myriad of ways for students to tackle Physics questions with the use of Mathematics to match each of the students’ learning progress.
For A Level Physics, students may be unconfident about topics such as Thermodynamics, Superposition, Quantum and Nuclear Physics as they are entirely new concepts in Junior Colleges and are abstract by nature.
New Dawn Learning Studio provides handcrafted notes by and concept maps that succinctly captures the essences of each Physics concept and formula for students to master A Level Physics. On top of that, we provide various short experiments during our A Level Physics tuition classes to help students visualise Physics content and accelerate their learning process. Various Physics equipment and tools are also used to aid in the delivery of Physics knowledge so that students will gain new knowledge through innovative methods. This is will in turn evoke in them the continual desire to learn despite the difficult topics in the Physics MOE syllabus that will drive them to excel in the Singapore-Cambridge GCE ‘A’ Level Physics examination, coupled with their determination.

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