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O Level Chemistry is the most important science subject in O Level. Not only it requires good understanding on the factual materials, it focus heavily on the understanding and application of scientific concepts and principles. In the increasingly technological and ever-changing world, students need to develop deductive skills to promote critical thinking.

For O level Chemistry, the typical topics that students generally find difficult are chemical bonding, chemical equilibrium, chemical reactions, electrochemistry, mole concept, and qualitative analysis. This is because they are more abstract in nature as compared to scientific experimental methods. Our tutors will facilitate the students’ learning by helping them to visualise and not only memorise the chemical bonds and reactions taught.

This is to allow students to think more flexibly during examinations once they can visualise concepts and diagrams for themselves and apply it in solving higher-order thinking questions. To further enhance students’ learning abilities and memory, detailed concept maps are created by our tutors that help link various topics and concepts that will provide students a fuller understanding of the topics and what is required of them during the Singapore-Cambridge GCE ‘O’ Level Chemistry examination.

This will greatly grant them a unique advantage in Junior College, in their preparation for the Singapore-Cambridge GCE ‘A’ Level Chemistry examination, where Chemistry examination papers intricately link several topics and scientific concepts in every question.

O Level Chemistry TuitionTeaching Methodology

O level Chemistry may seem daunting for many but with the attentive guidance of our tutors, the seemingly difficult concepts can be broken down into information that is digestible and easy to remember. Our O Level Chemistry tuition not only focuses on helping students score well for Singapore-Cambridge GCE ‘O’ Level Chemistry examination, but also seek to ensure that students remember what they have learned in the long run. This serves as an optimal foundation for their pursuit for scientific knowledge and more importantly, their preparation for Singapore-Cambridge GCE ‘A’ Level Chemistry examination.

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Based on these ideals, the O Level Chemistry tuition Singapore classes will not only be productive but also allow the students to absorb the syllabus easier with our innovative teaching methods. We do not believe in purely memorising content or solely on drilling the students but rather, to find suitable teaching methods for every student so that they can understand the MOE syllabus and take ownership of their learning.

Exposure to Higher-Order Chemistry Questions

Our tutor, Mr Joseph Lee, strategically compiled questions according to topics and level of difficulty to cater to the students’ learning pace and challenge them with higher-order thinking questions.

Mr Joseph Lee is the invited Author for Ten Year Series

He also collaborated with Shing Lee Publishers Pte Ltd to produce extensive answer keys with clear and thorough scientific explanations for Singapore-Cambridge GCE ‘O’ Level Chemistry examination. Similarly, for the notes provided, the answers for every question from MCQ to Short Answer Questions, written from scratch by him, will be very clear and thorough, solidifying the students’ learning in Chemistry. We currently have students taking Chemistry tuition lessons from elite Secondary schools including Raffles Girls’ Secondary School, Nanyang Girls’ High School and St. Joseph High school etc.

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Our 4-Prong O Level Chemistry Tuition Approach

O Level Chemistry Tuition Lecture Notes

Concise and comprehensive pure chemistry lecture notes are given to each student to aid them understand each topic. The notes come with effective worked examples drawn from different secondary school papers, and tips on tackling the question concerned.

O Level Chemistry Tuition Tutorial

During each O Level Chemistry tuition lecture, students will be given practice on the content they have just learned, so as to reinforce the concepts and apply them in a typical question. Our O Level Chemistry tutor is able to provide clear step-by-step explanations for these challenging questions in person, quickly recap relevant concepts, and clarify any doubts you may have along the way. Even in group class settings, there is always dedicated time to allow for one-to-one clarifications and follow-ups where required.

Summary Sheet and Concept Maps

O Level Chemistry is a content intensive subject. A concise summary and concept map will be given to each student to aid them so they can have a quick check on all the formula, definition and contents when needed.

Topical and Sectional Revision

For students who have missed out on earlier topics, or current students who want to further enhance their learning, our O Level Chemistry tuition crafts a comprehensive topical and sectional revision after the whole syllabus is covered. We aid each student to develop their own chain of thoughts, teaching them the simplest way to tackle challenging questions, and showing common mistakes make by students.

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