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Secondary Math Tuition Singapore

All students start out learning Elementary math (E math), and as they progress to upper secondary, they get the option to take on Additional Math (A math).

In E Math, students learn basic skills and techniques that are vital for daily application in life such as calculating percentages, understanding probability, making buying decisions using the higher purchase scheme, and calculating compound interest. These basic skills will help with basic investment decisions in the future be it personal or for application in certain professions.

In A Math, students develop a higher order of thinking and move on to learn about advanced algebra commands, while acquiring mathematical concepts and skills in preparation of A-Level H2 Mathematics.

Any student who is considering taking H2 math in JC has to have strong foundational knowledge in Secondary Math, so planning what subjects to take in your secondary school curriculum is extremely imporant in this respect.

Secondary A Math / E Math Tuition Teaching Methodology

We provide Secondary Maths tuition in Singapore that places heavy focus on the students’ understanding of the subject. Our focus is on thinking skills and the understanding of mathematical problems rather than memorizing of mathematical formulas.

Mr Daniel adopt a hybrid of a 1 to 1 and classroom styled learning. This allows different people to learn at their own pace. His teaching style is unique and is able to handle different kinds of learning styles thereby catering to suit every single student.

During the Secondary Maths tuition, Mr Daniel will first teach the topic and show the working of solving a typical Maths question, followed by practice on the students’ part, and then leave some time open for interaction before moving on to the next worked example.

He teaches everything systematically, step-by-step, ensuring that students have a good grasp of the skillsets required to solve the questions. Afterwards, he will go to every individual and clarify any doubts that they have. As a result, students find the tuition effective and encouraging as they gain more confidence in tackling the questions.

“The results speak for itself”:
Our success rate is more than 90%
8 out of 10 achieved A1 in Singapore-Cambridge GCE ‘O’ Level Math

About the Secondary A Math / E Math Tuition Tutor

Our 4-Prong Secondary A Math / E Math Tuition Approach

Secondary A Math / E Math Tuition Notes

In every Secondary Math lesson, we will provide students with notes that state the topics and learning objectives to be covered. Included in the notes are clear examples of each typical Secondary Math question, systematic step-by-step worked solution and tip(s) on the approach.

Secondary A Math / E Math Tuition Tutorial

After the lecture, our Secondary Math tutorial will allow students to practise what is covered to review their understanding of the key concepts. During the tutorial session, students can freely interact with their Secondary A & E Math tutor to seek further clarification to enhance their learning. Homework, though optional but helpful, is given for further practice at home. At New Dawn Learning Studio, we believe that every student is important. Therefore, for stronger students, we provide higher-order thinking questions from the latest Secondary Math exam questions extracted from post top school exam papers to work on. As for students who are weaker in the subject, we provide them with ten-year series questions to aid and guide them to the correct concepts before attempting higher-order questions.

Summary Sheet

A separate Secondary Maths Summary Sheet is also given to students, providing a quick-check on formula to assist them with their work.

Topical and Sectional Revisions

We prepare topical practices that is sufficient for students to do well in their Weighted-assessment and End of Year Preparation.

Why New Dawn Secondary Math Tuition?

Top-Notched Secondary Maths Materials

At New Dawn Learning Studio, we believe every student is important, so we place great emphasis on effective delivery to assist students to develop their potential in the subject they wish to improve further.

The materials are curated to help students to achieve a good and intuitive understanding of Secondary Maths. Mr Daniel prepares comprehensive and detailed math notes catered to students even with a very weak foundation. Furthermore, challenging questions are provided to help develop the students’ potential for a distinction in Math. Exam techniques are also well integrated into the materials.

Maths Tutor with More than 10 years Experience

Mr Daniel, our maths tutor, is extremely approachable and is always willing to offer help after class time via WhatsApp or face to face. He has the ability to break down complicated mathematical concepts and ideas into succinct and simpler steps that students can follow. His notes consists of a wide variety of questions, compiling many prelim papers questions. This ensures that students will have a huge exposure to the variety of possible variations of questions as well as sample practices. As a short study aid, each Secondary Maths Tuition students receives a 15-formula sheets that covers every chapter of the A Math and E math subject in advance of their impending tests.

New Dawn A Math Tuition - A Home, A Comfortable and Conducive Environment

New Dawn provides a conducive environment for studying secondary maths, with comfortable bean bags, free flow access to snacks, drinks, power points, Wi-Fi, and even individual learning pods to help keep distractions away. It is perfect for the ultimate study session for students to revise after their enrichment class.

Consultation Availability

Mr Daniel, our maths tutor, is well-known by his students for being extremely approachable and is always willing to offer help via WhatApps, face to face or a Zoom Session.

Annual Secondary Maths Workshops

For students who have not signed up early for Secondary Maths Tuition and missed some topics, or for those current students who want to enhance their learning, we conduct Maths Camps and Workshops in March, June, and September scheduled by topics to cater to individual learning needs. The workshops facilitate pre-exam revision and enhance student’s learning journeys. Do check up on the timetable!

Click on workshop to retrieve our upcoming Secondary Maths Tuition Workshop Schedule.

Whether you are looking for E Math, A Math, or IP Math tuition in Singapore, we are confident to help you achieve better results.

Why Get Secondary Math Tuition in Singapore?

Common Problems that E Math Students Face

Most students in Singapore encounter difficulties in Secondary E Math where Algebra, Trigonometry and Pythagorean Theorem, and Vectors are concerned. This is why effective assistance is offered at New Dawn Learning Studio.

Take Algebra for example. We believe that to do well in Algebra, students have to start from Expansion and Factorisation which are involved in Algebraic chapters. This is where guidance is provided and reinforced. We will also help students by providing worksheets from Expansion, Factorisation, Algebraic fractions, solving Quadratic Equations to Simultaneous Equations.

Common Problems that A Math Students Face

Students doing Secondary A Math need to adopt a more structured approach when solving A Math questions as they are step-by-step in nature and formulaic. Common topics most students find challenging are Indices, Logarithms and Trigonometry. At New Dawn Learning Studio, we approach the A Math challenge by giving students an overview of the topic, i.e., “see the big picture”, followed by a breakdown of the question before applying the clearly defined steps to tackle the question.

Our Secondary A Math tuition approach helps students understand, anticipate and be more focused on what is coming in Secondary A Math exam papers. With conscientious practice, students can master this subject and fare well in Singapore-Cambridge ‘O’ level A Math examination. Furthermore, students enrolled in Secondary A Math tuition at New Dawn Learning Studio will be equipped with the effective techniques required to tackle H2 Math in JC.

Secondary Math Tuition Teachers have Content Mastery

Experience math tutors are subject experts who knows even the most complex topics like the back of their hand. This allows them to access a student’s level of understanding and also helps breakdown the topics in the most efficient manner for understanding.

Structured Lessons Provide Effective Skills & Techniques to Answer Questions

When students are struggling with Secondary Maths in school, it can be because of
1) Topics are covered too quickly
2) Not sufficient guidance is provided.

We understand that for difficult topics, more guidance is required. To ensure that our students are able to maximize their learning with us, our Secondary Maths tuition teachers utilise the following teaching approach:
• Lesson based off curated notes (with step-by-step guided solutions) that facilitate understanding of each topic.
• Tutorial practice questions in increasing order of difficulties to practise the newly learnt concepts (with opportunities of interaction with tutor for clarification)
• Summary Sheets – helpful for quick references or revisions.
Overtime, this guided approach will help students to build their confidence and reinforce their ability to learn the even tougher topics for Secondary Math.

New Dawn Secondary Math Tuition Creates Opportunities for Revision

The move from primary school to secondary school is a big leap – where the learning environments are vastly different.

Students have more in-depth learning required for Secondary Math. Also, teachers in secondary school do not have the luxury of time to keep pace with individual learning abilities. If the misconceptions that the students have for Secondary Math is not addressed, this could snowball into a bigger problem as time progresses – especially in upper secondary when the new topics require solid understanding of Algebraic fundamentals, taught in lower secondary mathematics.

New Dawn Learning’s Secondary Maths Tuition classes are structured to allow for this much needed revision and reinforcement:
• Weekly tuition tutorials to re-learn and practice concepts from school
• Quarterly workshops to focus on specific learning needs
• End of year revisions with specially curated practice examination papers to strengthen concept understanding and answering techniques

Want to know how our classes have helped many struggling students over the years? Check out our student’s wonderful track record and glowing testimonials on our website!

Secondary Math is a compulsory subject

As Mathematics is one of the compulsory subjects in secondary curriculum, we understand that students place top priority on acquiring the essential skills in tackling Secondary Math in order to secure a good pass in the final Singapore-Cambridge GCE ‘O’ Level Math examination. Be it Trigonometry, Vectors or Algebra, or any other topics that must be covered in Secondary Math syllabus, we are here to help you for good. Through our E Math and A Math tuition classes, our tutors want to make sure that Secondary Math will not be your nightmare but instead a joyful subject to study. Coupled with your due diligence and academic responsibility to follow through the systematic lessons and relevant notes which we painstakingly developed, we can ensure your hard fought success in Secondary Math. Your ultimate goal must be no less a distinction in Singapore-Cambridge GCE ‘O’ Level Math examination because for most students, particularly those who don’t view Secondary Math as their forte, aiming this high might seem impractical or unlikely, we are committed to assist you to fulfil this seemingly lofty goal to surprise yourself. Your Secondary Math journey begins with the first step of signing up for Secondary Math tuition with New Dawn Learning Studio for a progressive learning programme that teaches you to take the bull by its horns through the strategies you will acquire in solving all likely Secondary Math questions.

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