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The most common subject taken up in JC, H2 Math is a pre-requisite to all courses in university. It is a build-on to Secondary A Maths and consists of two main areas covered: Pure Maths and Statistics.

In Pure Maths, the sections covered are Functions and Graphs, Sequences and Series, Differentiation and Integration, Vectors, and Complex Numbers.
In Statistics, the sections covered are Permutations and Combinations, Probability, Discrete Random Variables, Binomial distribution, Normal distribution, Hypothesis Testing, and Correlation and Regression.

JC H2 math covers a wider range of topics than secondary school math and while some of the topics may be similar, there still lies many differences in the content covered. Even with overlapping topics, the content covered in H2 math is more in-depth and requires advanced analytical and critical thinking skills which can be a concern for students that are newly tackling H2 math.

JC/A Level Math Tuition Teaching Methodology

In our JC Maths tuition classes, our objective is to address the difficulties commonly encountered by students. Thereby, every lesson is well-structured and delivered systematically to meet the learning needs of the students.

Mr Daniel adopts a hybrid of a 1-to-1 and classroom styled learning. This allows different people to learn at their own pace.

During the H2 Maths tuition, Mr Daniel will first teach the topic and show the working of solving a typical H2 Maths question, followed by practice on the students’ part, and then leave some time open for interaction before moving on to the next worked example. As a result, students find our H2 Math tuition effective and encouraging as they gain more confidence in tackling the questions.

We believe in guiding our students to excel through patience and consistent practice. Therefore, our A Level H2 Math tuition provides them with quality resources and teaching to help them achieve their fullest potential.

To optimise learning outcomes from attending JC Maths tuition at New Dawn Learning Studio, we will also conduct lessons a step ahead of the school delivery. Students will find it easier to follow through with the classes at their respective JCs, thereby, maximising their learning capability.

About the JC/A Level Math Tuition Tutor

Our 4-Prong JC/A Level Math Tuition Approach

JC/A Level Math Tuition Notes

Well-conceived and tailored H2 math lecture notes are given during each lesson so as to aid students to follow and understand the particular topic delivered. The lecture notes come with clear step-by-step worked examples and tips on tackling the question concerned. Students will find the lecture notes realistically as the questions are drawn from TYS H2 Maths and post JC exam papers.

JC/A Level Math Tuition Tutorial

After each lecture, H2 Maths students will be given some time to practice what they have just learned so as to ensure that they fully grasp the concepts of the topic covered and know how to apply them to typical H2 Maths questions. During the tutorial, students can freely interact with their H2 Maths tutor to seek further clarification to enhance their learning. Homework, though optional but helpful, is given for further practice at home. At New Dawn Learning Studio, we believe practice is paramount to secure an ultimate good pass or even a distinction in H2 Maths. The homework worksheets are compiled according to the level of difficulty for each section. This helps students to progress steadily and build their confidence in tackling H2 Maths. To prepare students well for the final Singapore-Cambridge GCE A-Levels H2 Maths examination, we encourage students to tackle more challenging questions in the worksheets strategically drawn from post-JC H2 Maths exam papers.

Summary Sheet

To further reinforce learning, a separate Summary Sheet will be given too. It sums up the topic by including the essential formula for a quick check when H2 Maths students need one in their work.

Topical and Sectional Revision

Topical and Sectional revision allow students to quickly recognize which topic a particular question may belong to, making the problem-solving process easier. H2 math topical questions are sorted into categories to teach students how to solve problems categorically. This allows for a more holistic understanding and also prepares students to expect a variety of questions that examiners can set in any given paper.

Why New Dawn H2 Math Tuition?

Top-Notched H2 Math Materials

At New Dawn Learning Studio, we believe every student is important, so we place great emphasis on effective delivery to assist students to develop their potential in the subject they wish to improve further.

Very often, the lack of comprehensive materials for self-revision is an apparent hindrance to learning A level maths. To overcome this problem, we’ve put together tailored and comprehensive study materials for our JC H2 Math tuition students. The worksheets are constantly updated with the newest trends and challenging questions from all the different schools, which made it easy for students to practise and do not have to go through many practise papers or assessment books just to find one challenging question. Also, the notes are written in a manner targeted to the various important concepts to make H2 Math seem less intimidating than it was.

Students at New Dawn Learning Studio can take tutorials and notes from their classes home with them. A complete H2 math summary sheet is also supplied for students to process and keep the information they learned in these tutorials.

The tutorials are designed to help students better understand and retain the material they have just learned. As a short study aid, each H2 math student receives a 26-formula sheet that covers every chapter of the course subject in advance of their impending tests.

Consultation Availability

Mr Daniel is well-known by his students for being extremely approachable and is always willing to offer help via WhatApps, face to face or a Zoom Session.

Vast Experiences in Teaching Countless Batches of JC Students

We have experiences in teaching students from all different JC in Singapore. Topics are catered to the individual JC.

Annual A Level Maths Workshops

For students who have not signed up early for H2 Maths tuition and missed some topics, or for those current students who want to enhance their learning, we conduct H2 Maths Camps and Workshops in March, June, and September scheduled by (subjects) and topics to cater to individual learning needs. The workshops facilitate pre-exam revision and enhance their learning journeys. Do check up on the timetable!

Conducive Studying Environment

A self-study area has been set up in the tuition centre, where you may study on your own and get help from Mr Daniel even if you aren’t attending his A Level H2 Math tuition classes!

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