JC, A Level, H2 Math Tuition

Teaching Methodology


JC, A Level, H2 Math Tuition

In our JC Math tuition classes, our objective is to address the difficulties commonly encountered by students. Thereby, every lesson is well-structured and delivered systematically to meet the learning needs of the students.

Very often, the lack of comprehensive materials for self-revision is an apparent hindrance to learning Math. To overcome this problem, we’ve put together tailored and comprehensive study materials for our H2 Math tuition students.

Materials given include one booklet, one formula sheet and a set of homework with the aim of promoting independent learning.
We also run a module of real-life application as part of our comprehensive Math learning experience.

Annual workshops are organised in June and September for our A Level Math Tuition students to facilitate pre-exam revision and enhance their learning journeys.


What is Covered in A Level Mathematics

The most common subject taken up in JC, H2 Math is a pre-requisite to all courses in university. It is a build on to Secondary A Math and consists of two main areas covered: Pure Math and Statistics.

In Pure Math, the sections covered are Functions and Graphs, Sequences and Series, Differentiation and Integration, Vectors, and complex Numbers. As there are 5 sections in Pure Math, at New Dawn Learning Studio, our approach for JC1 students who sign up for JC Math is to advise the concerned student which class to go to so that he or she can learn effectively.

In Statistics, the sections covered are Permutations and Combinations, Probability, Discrete Random Variables, Binomial distribution, Normal distribution, Hypothesis Testing, and Correlation and Regression. These 7 topics are covered sequentially. Hence, at New Dawn Learning Studio, JC2 students who signed up for H2 Math can be allocated to any of the current classes.

To optimise learning outcome from attending JC Math tuition at New Dawn Learning Studio, we will also conduct lessons a step ahead of the school delivery. Students will find it easier to follow through the classes at their respective JCs, thereby maximising their learning capability.

H2 Math Tuition Delivery style

At New Dawn Learning Studio, we believe every student is important, so we place great emphasis on effective delivery to assist students to develop their potential in the subject they wish to improve further. During H2 Math lecture, the lecturer will first teach the topic and show the working of solving a typical H2 Math question, followed by practice on the students’ part, and then leave some time open for interaction before moving on to the next worked example. As a result, students find the tuition effective and encouraging as they gain more confidence in tackling the questions.


At New Dawn Learning Studio, we have 4-prong approach:

    • Lecture Notes

Well-conceived tailored lecture notes are given during each lesson so as to aid students to follow and understand the particular topic delivered. The lecture notes come with clear step-by-step worked examples and tips on tackling the question concerned. Students will find the lecture notes realistic as the questions are drawn from TYS H2 Math and post JC exam papers.

    • Tutorial

After each lecture, H2 Math students will be given some time to practise what they have just learnt so as to ensure that they fully grasp the concepts of the topic covered and know how to apply them to typical H2 Math questions. During tutorial, students can freely interact with their H2 Math tutor to seek further clarification to enhance their learning.

Homework, though optional but helpful, is given for further practice at home. At New Dawn Learning Studio, we believe practice is paramount to secure an ultimate good pass or even a distinction in H2 Math. The homework worksheets are compiled according to the level of difficulty for each section. This helps students to progress steadily and build their confidence in tackling H2 Math. To prepare students well for the final Singapore-Cambridge GCE ‘A’ Level H2 Math examination, we encourage students to tackle more challenging questions in the worksheets strategically drawn from post JC H2 Math exam papers.

    • Summary Sheet

To further reinforced learning, a separate Summary Sheet will be given too. It sums up the topic by including the essential formula for quick check when H2 Math students need one in their work.


H2 Math Camps and Workshops

For students who have not signed up early for H2 Math tuition and missed some topics, or for those current students who want to enhance their learning, we conduct H2 Math Camps and Workshops in March, June and end October scheduled by (subjects) and topics to cater to individual learning needs. Do check up the time table!

Click on workshop to retrieve our upcoming H2 Math Workshop Schedule.

Mr Daniel Yeo is the invited author for: 

GCE A’Level H2 Mathematics & H1 Mathematics Ten Years Series (both topical & yearly editions) published by SL Education

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