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Love it or Hate it: H2 Math

March 27, 2019 | By Jonathan

Do you find H2 Math a challenge, or do you breeze through the subject? You will encounter unfamiliar new topics like Vectors, Differential Equations, etc., which might catch you off guard. If you don’t understand them, your grade for H2 Math will probably go down the drain.

Both students and parents all over the internet have had their fair share of thoughts on H2 Math.  One student even lamented: ”I’m dying in H2 Math!” and likened H2 Math to cancer.

H2 Math can be difficult to deal with, particularly when it comes to new topics which students have yet to grasp and fully understand, let alone tackle the questions.  If you are one of the struggling students, don’t worry about it because when you sign up for H2 Math Tuition at New Dawn, we have the solution to help ease your journey to passing or even acing the subject.

The proof is in the pudding. Here is what one of our students has to say:

“I was a student at New Dawn from 2017-2018, taking A-Level H2 Mathematics Tuition under Teacher Daniel. NDLS is made unique in my personal opinion by the teachers themselves (Teacher Daniel), who went the extra mile alongside the usual lessons to offer me consultations to clarify any doubts I had and consolidate my understanding of weaker topics. The teachers’ efforts are also highlighted in their exceptional, fool-proof notes which they have conscientiously produced for every topic. This made studying very convenient for me. Lessons were far from dull, thanks to teacher Daniel who provided food and the occasional jokes to brighten up lessons. Overall and on hindsight, I am very grateful to the teachers and NDLS for helping me with my H2 Math in so far as even making me enjoy the subject!”

New Dawn does not do magic; it does not make H2 Math become as easy as ABC. What New Dawn does is to conceptualise and produce concise learning materials to make learning manageable and effective. Love for a subject is not created overnight. It is kindled with the right people and the right materials. If you are still struggling with H2 Math and have not decided to take the first step to make a change, don’t let inertia hold you back. Hesitate no more and register for H2 Math Tuition with New Dawn Learning Studio. You will soon overcome your learning difficulties with H2 Math and surprise yourself with a better grade which you wouldn’t dream of!

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