JC, A Level, H2 Chemistry Tuition

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JC, A Level, H2 Chemistry Tuition

A Level Chemistry tuition comes in many kinds. Our approach to JC Chemistry is to go in depth so as to help students understand the underlying principles behind it. Knowing that the most challenging topics in Chemistry are Acid-base equilibrium, Reaction Kinetics, Organic Chemistry (Synthesis and Elucidation), we will dive deep into the mechanism and learn how to apply the concepts that are thoroughly explained in our JC Chemistry tuition classes. Students will be able to develop the ability to deconstruct the mechanism and solve the Chemistry questions. With the aid of mind maps, and our tailored H2 Chemistry tuition materials, students can understand the whole picture, particularly the vast scope of Organic Chemistry.


Why You Might Need A Level Chemistry Tuition

The A Level Chemistry syllabus, undeniably, have a lot of content to cover and generally, students will face challenges in connecting topics and extracting concepts to be used in combination. In the Singapore-Cambridge GCE ‘A’ Level Chemistry examination, examiners require students to go beyond recalling the content but to understand how chemical formulas are derived and apply the gist of every concept. When tackling a Chemistry question, students would have to identify the topics pertaining to the questions and analytically choose and use the concepts relevant from each topic. The method of answering is not straightforward, and the main role of our tutors is to help students to be able to see the link between the various topics and concepts. Even though on the surface, the topics are listed separately in the Chemistry MOE syllabus, but in actual fact, none of the topics can be studied in isolation. Students will hence feel lost and our tutors are there to bring to light on how the concepts can be linked effectively to answer the question and also strengthen the students’ scientific knowledge. There will also be Chemistry concept maps specially created for students in New Dawn where all the concepts and key formulas are summarised and succinctly explained. These concept maps will help students understand the key learning objectives at one glance and also allow them to see the connections between topics more clearly.


About Our A Level Chemistry Tutor

Our dedicated tutor, Mr Joseph Lee, has handcrafted higher-order thinking questions that consist of different combination of topics. This is to help students master their content and be accustomed to thinking flexibly within the Chemistry MOE syllabus. He has also collaborated with Shing Lee Publishers Pte Ltd to produce extensive answer keys with clear and thorough scientific explanations for past Singapore-Cambridge GCE ‘A’ Level Chemistry examination questions.
We believe that every student has the potential to excel given the right coaching and materials coupled with their hard work and desire to learn. Studying A Level Chemistry is not an easy feat, but it is also not impossible to master, with our dedicated tutors and tailored materials.

Mr Joseph Lee is the invited author for: 

GCE A’Level H2 Chemistry Ten Years Series (both topical & yearly editions) published by SL Education


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