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5 Major Ways Tuition Will Help You With H2 Maths

September 11, 2019 | By newdawn

A good understanding of mathematics is a general requirement for most university courses, as well as many jobs. If you intend to go to university to study a course where a solid foundation in maths is a necessity such as a science, engineering or mathematics itself, then the H2 Mathematics will give you the edge you need.

But with that said, many JC students struggle with H2 math, despite having excelled in math in Secondary School. Though it can seem like a huge obstacle at the moment, it’s not something you can’t overcome. Here are 5 ways H2 Math tuition can help you ace your A levels!

Why JC students struggle with H2 Maths

H2 Maths is a complex subject that requires an excellent understanding of numerous fundamental concepts. As a result, many JC students struggle in their lectures as they lack the foundational background knowledge needed to understand many of these lectures in the first place.

Unfortunately, it is a common assumption that students have a firm grasp of these concepts, so the information that the lecturer is imparting can often be hard to comprehend from the get-go. Students who lack confidence in this area will inevitably struggle. In these instances, H2 math tuition is vital in helping JC students strengthen their understanding of these concepts, thus allowing them to better and more efficiently master H2 Math.

Understanding Concepts

The teaching of mathematical concepts in Singapore’s secondary schools is often assisted by memorising techniques to help supplement a lack of understanding of certain formulas and concepts. When it comes to JC math, there is an increased focus on the comprehension of these subjects and their underlying principles, as well as understanding formulas and how they are derived.

With the size of many lectures, the way H2 math is taught is through a very general and broad approach. This means that lectures can’t offer students the more targeted attention that they may require to grasp the given topic being taught.

In a smaller group tuition setting, tuition teachers are more available to answer and address specific areas of weakness with each student. The questions that are tackled during H2 math tuition classes are also structured by difficulty levels, allowing students to build on their own given skill levels as well.

At New Dawn Learning studio, students are also encouraged to continue their self-study in the tuition centre, which has been designed to be more conducive for studying. This way, students can take the time to digest whatever they’ve learnt from each lesson, and approach available teachers to clarify any doubts!

Planning ahead

Preparation is essential when it comes to H2 math. Like we mentioned earlier, the trick to getting distinctions for H2 math in your A levels is to build a strong understanding of concepts and formulas. But in order to start off on the right foot, you have to be prepared.

Many students that scored distinctions in their O levels find that their results and basic mathematics knowledge don’t translate when they start H2 math, which can shake their confidence. So in order to ensure you’re grasping the topic from your very first lecture, JC students should start tuition early on in the academic year instead of waiting until you are struggling with the topic.

Structured group tuition sessions are recommended as it helps challenge students to pace their learning with others while still giving room for more targeted and personal attention when needed. With H2 math especially, many JC students will find that there isn’t always one way to get to a correct answer as well. Group settings will allow students to share their various methods and thought processes with each other, which can help promote understanding of H2 math concepts as well!

Setting Goals

A major reason why many students struggle with JC level math is that there is a significant increase in the number of concepts and formulas you have to understand. That’s why a really helpful tip to keep in mind when studying H2 math, is to set goals.

The objectives will provide a direction for your efforts and guide you along a correct and focused path. Your H2 math tuition teachers can also help you with this by giving you advice on how to set measurable and timely goals, but it is important for JC students to be able to independently assess their progress as well.

It is vital to establish where you need to focus most of your efforts, and an easy way to do that is to create a checklist and continually refer back to it. It also helps if you rank chapters and topics from least challenging to most, so you can build confidence and steady momentum as you move through each chapter and eventually tackle more challenging chapters.

Effective revision

Many JC students study topics tirelessly, but besides putting in the hours, it’s also extremely important that all these revision efforts are done in a way that ensures each student can understand and remember what they’ve just learnt.

New Dawn Learning provides each of our students with tutorials and notes to take home after each lesson. These tutorials are specifically designed to ensure that once a student is able to answer these questions, they are equipped with a good understanding of the concepts they have just learned. A comprehensive summary sheet is also provided to each student so they can go home and continue to process and further understand these concepts, keeping these topics fresh in their minds.

A 26-formula sheet is also given to each before every upcoming H2 maths exam, which covers every individual chapter and topic. This way, students have a handy learning tool that they can quickly refer to as they revise. New DaH2 Math Tuitionwn Learning supplements this with targeted revision lessons that focus on topics that are likely to be tested. Covering the full breadth of H2 math topics is overwhelming for many students, so effectively filtering out topics that are most likely to be tested is the most effective way to focus your revision efforts before the A levels.

Focused learning

H2 math is comprised of pure math, and statistics. Of the two, JC students predominantly struggle with the pure math aspect of H2 math. This is because pure math requires a lot of understanding of underlying mathematical concepts and formulas.

Unlike in Secondary school, JC level math requires you to not only understand but to be adeptly familiar with how and where to apply formulas and methods. This is compounded with the fact that JC students have over 20 formulas and concepts to understand, which is a huge increase from what you have to learn in Secondary school. There are also more technique applications involved because of the wide variety of questions examiners can set in a test.

To overcome this, New Dawn Learning’s H2 math tuition sorts questions into categories before we teach students techniques to tackle all the questions in each category. This ensures that when students approach each chapter or category, they get more out of their efforts because they’ve managed to build a more holistic and strong foundational understanding of the given topics.

A-Level Maths Tuition

Preparing for your A-level H2 math exam is a process that all JC students should start from the very beginning. Though H2 math can feel like a huge undertaking, tuition will help you prepare, plan and strategize so that you can build a strong understanding of all the concepts you need to get your distinctions!

Our Student Testimonials

“JC life is very hectic. Balancing studies with my CCA and class committee commitments have been very tough. When I first joined New Dawn, my grades were around Cs and Ds. However, within a few months, I was able to make the J1 Top Student List in 2017. Through holiday workshops which helped to help me bridge the gaps in my knowledge and small exam tips from Daniel and Joseph, my grades jumped drastically. I decided to continue my tuition in my J2 year and was also able to place on the J2 Top Student List for the Mid Year Exams and Preliminary Exams,despite even heavier time dedicated to my CCA during season period. In particular, Daniel’s teaching style of mini revisions before practise helps me to refresh my memory of the topic and allows me to complete questions more efficiently. The study space at New Dawn was also very conducive and helpful. Not having to queue for the library or find seats at cafes helps me free up extra time to revise more of my work and also gives me buffer time to relax. All in all, New Dawn helped me not only in providing me with good tutoring, but also gave me concise notes and an excellent place to study.”


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