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Why Secondary Math Tuition Can Help Your Child Build the Right Foundation for O’Levels?

January 20, 2021 | By Yi Xuan

4th January has come and passed. And with that, a new cohort of Primary 6 graduates have moved on to their next learning phase – secondary school. This transition has been lamented by Singaporeans parents about how stressful it is for their kids – from keeping up with a lot more subjects, having longer school days, more independent learning, coping with a lot tougher concepts being taught, and more.

With so many variables, parents who plan ahead for this steep transition are keenly aware that external help is required. And that is where secondary math tuition comes in handy in helping new secondary-1 students build the right foundation from the very beginning.

Need more convincing? Read on for 3 simple reasons why secondary maths tuition is a great resource for parents to help their kids transition smoothly from primary to secondary school for this tough and important subject and be O’Level foundation-ready!


  1. Primary and Secondary School Maths Syllabus is Vastly Different.

For primary 6 graduates who have been used to 9-10 concepts being taught per year, the significant increase in volume to 20 topics just within the first year of secondary school might seem overwhelming.

And it is not just the volume. The leap in terms of comprehension and problem-solving skills is not small – even while building on from the foundation in primary school.

Primary 6 Math Syllabus

Secondary 1 Math Syllabus


  • Dividing a proper fraction by a whole number without a calculator
  • Solving word problems involving percentage
  • Solving simple linear equations in a simple context

  • Translation of simple real-world situations into algebraic expressions
  • Graphs of linear functions
  • Formulating a linear equation in one variable to solve problems


What is more? These are not even the most complex topics they will encounter in secondary school leading up to the O’Levels. Secondary 1 topics are mostly foundation level topics (e.g. algebraic expressions) that will continually be built on in subsequent years all the way to Secondary 4 (e.g. solving for quadratic equations).

How secondary school maths tuition can help?


  1. Help to Break Down More Difficult Topics in A Guided Approach


In the formal school environment, there have been improvements where the average Pupil-Teacher ratio (PTR) drops from 15:1 (Primary school) to 12:1 (Secondary school). However, with large class sizes which can go up to 40 students, even while the topics are increasing in difficulty and depth – it can still be especially hard for slower students.

Traditional teachers do not have the luxury of accommodating individual learning abilities due to their large class sizes. And the implication? That there will be some students who can keep pace and those who cannot.

How secondary school math tuition can help?


  1. Reinforcement via Consistent Practice

Does your child lack the discipline to practise their work outside of school? Unfortunately, Maths, like any other subject requires reinforcement through practice and revision.

In secondary school there will be even more distractions for them – from CCAs, BGRs, to longer schooling hours. How then can you help to ensure they get the much-needed practice time into their schedule?

How secondary school maths tuition can help?


Want a Jumpstart in Giving Your Child a Solid Foundation for O’Levels Maths?

Don’t want to watch your child struggle in their transition to secondary school? Want to give them a good head start and a solid maths foundation? Well, you can by picking the right tutor who can provide them with the right help!

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