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The Important Differences between H1 and H2 Math

December 06, 2019 | By newdawn

Every student in Singapore has had their fair share of experience with E-Math in their Secondary school days. But by the time we hit our upper Secondary years, we start getting the option to learn higher levels of mathematics, such as A math, E math and IP Math.

This progression goes on in JC as well with H1 and H2 Math. In some cases, some students may even have to complete H3 maths! The more in-depth the subject, the higher the course number. Depending on your natural abilities, you may find these JC subjects to be challenging, but there are ways to prepare yourself to take it on. To get you acquainted with these topics, here are the most important differences between H1 and H2 Math.

H1 and H2 Math Exam Paper Format

As a JC student, you understand the importance of preparing for your A levels mathematics exam. What may surprise you is how different the exam paper format is between H1 and H2 Math. Knowing this ahead of time will help you in your preparations as you’ll better know what to expect before you take the exam.

H1 Math Exam

The H1 mathematics exam consists of a single 3-hour paper. You will complete a variety of statistics and mathematics questions. The statistics questions are worth a total of 40 marks, while the pure mathematics section is worth 60 marks.

H2 Math Exam

On the other hand, the H2 mathematics exam is much more involved and comprehensive. It consists of two 3-hour papers. The first paper will evaluate your understanding of pure mathematics totally up to 100 marks. The second paper is a combination of both pure maths and statistics, each being worth 40 and 60 scores, respectively. The final weight is 40% for pure maths and 60% for statistics.

Although both the H1 and H2 math exams include pure maths and statistics, you’ll study some topics in H2 Math not included in H1 maths. That’s because JC H2 mathematics includes more in-depth and advanced concepts.

The main focuses of H1 mathematics include graphs, calculus, and statistics. Those studying H2 Math will also have to learn sequences and series, vectors, complex numbers, permutations/combinations, probability, differential equations, sampling, and hypothesis testing. As you can see, the number of topics required for the H2 math exam is much greater, and the application of these concepts is more intricate.

Is H1 Math Easier than H2 Math?

Many JC students are nervous about studying H2 mathematics, and they wonder if H1 is actually easier to grasp. The truth is that this answer varies from student to student. Some JC students feel that H1 is much easier if they have an additional maths background from secondary school. For example, some of the pure maths content may be repeated material that you already learned.

In H1 mathematics, only the statistics modules are new. Because of this, JC students learning H1 maths may have more time to devote to their other subjects. However, don’t let this fool you. H1 courses still have their hurdles each student must pass, but overall there are fewer topics to study.

Since H2 mathematics covers concepts not previously introduced, some JC students may feel overwhelmed. They may find themselves needing to devote much more of their study time to learning these new concepts and topics. It’s not necessarily more difficult, but H2 mathematics is definitely more concentrated.

Generally speaking, those who only study H1 mathematics intend to enrol into university courses that don’t require higher-level maths, such as business, social sciences, and economics. However, if you want to study physics or engineering, for example, you’ll need a more in-depth mathematics background to be successful, which make H2 Math a vital topic of study.

Why Is It Important to Know These Differences?

As previously stated, choosing between H1 and H2 Math ultimately depends on the university courses you want to study. Picking the right one will not only ensure you meet the requirements to apply, but it will also provide you with the solid foundational knowledge you need to help you succeed and excel on the university level.

Before you decide between H1 or H2 Math, visit the university website for which you want to apply to and understand the subject combination requirements. Some courses may require only H1 maths, but other courses ask for you to take the H2 exam before applying.

Scoring for Your H2 Math Papers

If you do choose to take on H2 Math and discover you need a helping hand grasping all these new concepts, you should look for H2 Math tuition as soon as you can. Since H2 Math requires the mastery of many topics, many JC students struggle to keep up with the syllabus. However, maths tuition increases the likelihood of you understanding the material and acing the courses.

Working with an H2 Math tutor will help you grasp each concept and be able to apply it when confronted with a question in the exams. They will break down the complicated concepts into small, more digestible bites.

H2 Math tuition also provides you with more practice scenarios. You can work at your own pace, and you’ll be able to achieve higher-order thinking. Learning from a different perspective will also help you gain better exposure and understanding.

At New Dawn Learning Studio we understand the difficulties faced by many students as they prepare for their H2 mathematics exam. That’s why we offer an open-concept design approach to tutoring. Our centre will give you the tools needed to master all the concepts presented in the H2 Math exam. Contact us to enrol into our tuition classes today

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