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Should I drop from H2 Mathematics to H1 Mathematics?

December 24, 2019 | By newdawn

Upon receiving your recent H2 Mathematics examination results, you may be disappointed that you have failed or barely passed it even though you have worked hard to prepare for the examination. Now, you may be wondering: Should I drop from H2 Mathematics to H1? To help you make a better-informed decision, here is a list of things that you should consider.

Before reading on, it is important that you know the clear differences between the content of H2 Maths and the H1 Maths syllabus. Knowing the differences can give you a good idea on what to expect out of your lessons and examinations. You can read more about it in our previous blog post here

3 Things To Do Before Dropping your H2 Mathematics

a. Check the subject prerequisites for your desired University course.

Dropping from H2 Mathematics to H1 will inevitably limit the university courses that you can apply for, as many of them require a minimum pass in H2 Mathematics. From the moment that you drop your H2 Mathematics to an H1, you have closed all doors to courses such as Medicine, Dentistry, Engineering and more.

However, fret not, there are still other courses such as Business, Arts and Social Sciences that only require a pass in H1 mathematics. Thus, to ensure that your H1 Mathematics do not put you in a disadvantaged situation, always check the subject prerequisites properly.

b. Know the pros and cons of H1 Mathematics.

Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of dropping to H1 Mathematics can help you make a more informed decision. An obvious advantage of taking H1 Mathematics is that it is a lot less rigorous than H2 Mathematics. Why? This is because for H1 Maths, many of its topics have already been explored in secondary school.

This is especially beneficial for students who have taken A maths before as H1 Mathematics topics such as exponential and logarithmic functions, basic differentiation and integration would have already been familiar to them. The only new topics in H1 Mathematics will be statistics, which takes up 40% of the final score.

Questions in H1 Mathematics Paper are known to be more direct and straightforward. This is unlike the H2 Mathematics Paper, which usually contains higher-order thinking questions that cannot be solved by the mere regurgitation of mathematical formulae, but require a deeper understanding of the mathematical concept.

Additionally, with less content to cover for H1 Mathematics, you now have fewer lectures and tutorials to attend. Your learning pace is relaxed, and you may find H1 maths to be more manageable, requiring less time and energy from you. Thus, the time that you spent previously cracking your brain over tricky H2 maths questions can now be saved and devoted to improving your other H2 subjects.

However, as previously mentioned, the downside to taking H1 Mathematics would be that your selection for University courses will be largely limited. It may be ideal to keep your H2 Mathematics if you are still unsure of what courses you are interested in, and want to keep your opportunities opened.

c. Seek advice from your seniors.

Your seniors are actually one of the best resources that you can tap into. As the school tends to provide the same lecture materials and the school curriculum is usually unchanged, your seniors’ studying experience can be largely similar to yours.

Hence, ask them for advice on whether dropping to H1 Mathematics had been beneficial or whether they were able to cope with the high demands of H2 Mathematics. Who knows? Your seniors may just be able to provide you with fresh insights and even a tip or two!

Ultimately, this is not to say that the journey of studying H1 Mathematics will for sure be a smooth sailing one, but there are definitely fewer obstacles that an H1 Maths JC student must overcome, as compared to an H2 Maths student. (Especially if Maths have always been your weakness since secondary school, letting go may be the best thing to do!)

Coping with H2 Mathematics

However, if you wish to hold onto H2 Mathematics despite struggling with it, it is advised that you seek H2 Maths tuition classes as early as possible! This is to ensure that you have sufficient time to dispel any existing misconceptions and to build on your Maths foundation. It is important that you find that H2 Maths tuition can provide you with the additional guidance and practices that you will need to improve your grades.

At New Dawn Learning, we provide ample practices that can expose you to the various question types in examinations. Besides, to strengthen your understanding, we provide comprehensive notes and quick sheets that are helpful for your revision.

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