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How to Ace JC Maths – Study Tips by A Top JC Math Tuition Centre

February 22, 2021 | By Yi Xuan

Congratulations on graduating from yet another milestone in your education journey so far! Now that the O’ Levels is done and dusted, next up – to conquer the next big milestone, the A’ Levels!

When it comes to JC maths, having a good track record in secondary school gives you a good head start but is not nearly enough.

Before we go into the details on how you can ace your JC mid-terms, final exams, and the all-important A’ Levels, let us be clear about just how distinct JC maths is from what you used to learn in secondary school:

O’ Level A Maths Syllabus

A’ Level Maths Syllabus

9 sub-topics: From equations and inequalities to differentiation and integration


  • Solving simultaneous equations in two variables with at least one linear equation, by substitution
  • Relationships between the roots and coefficients of a quadratic equation
20 sub-topics: From functions to correlation and linear regression. (With assumed knowledge of at least 7 sub-topics from O’ Level Maths syllabus)


  • concepts of sequence and series for finite and infinite cases
  • sequence as function y = f(n) where n is a positive integer
  • relationship between un (the nth term) and Sn (the sum to n terms)


The jump in critical thinking skills and the ability to grasp new and complex concepts is quite a large one. And what is more? Without a solid fundamental grasp of O’Level Math concepts, you will expect to struggle in JC maths due to the fact that many of the new concepts continue to build on what you had learnt in secondary school.

Enough about the doom and gloom, now on to the practical tips on how you can overcome the odds to score well!

Review, Refresh and Clarify to Make Sure You Understand Concepts

A fool-proof method to ace any subject, including JC maths, is to make sure you understand the concept. Hence, we cannot emphasize more about the importance of reviewing, refreshing, and clarifying to ensure you understand each concept.

Of course, this may sound easier said than done – especially when you do not know where to begin or feel like you do not have enough time.

This is why at New Dawn Learning Studio, we structure our H2 Math Tuition classes in a way to ensure you can fully comprehend even the most complex of topics:

Practice, Practice, And More Practice!

Practice makes perfect. And there is truth in this idiom when it comes to acing A ‘Levels Maths.

Do not get us wrong. While some people practice anticipating possible examination questions, we encourage practising for a different reason – doing many varieties of questions (especially challenging ones) helps you to test your understanding of the concepts learnt.

And this is precisely the reason why we not only go through practice questions in class after the lecture session but also provide homework worksheets with various difficulty levels to test our students’ critical thinking and comprehension of the topic.

If you do not have tuition resources, do consider getting assessment books to review and revise after learning each topic in school.

Schedule Regular Revision to Avoid Last Minute Panic!

Well, avoid procrastinating! Unlike in secondary school where you had 4 years to get ready for the O’ Levels, you have less than 2 years for the A’ Levels – yes that is half the amount of time for twice the number of topics! So do not waste any time getting your revision done!

Top tip from all our successful JC graduates? Period reviews are essential to retaining information about new concepts they learn in school and at tuition classes. Setting aside a few hours each week to go through what was taught in school would be good enough to help keep these concepts fresh in your mind!

Need help with periodic reviews? At the New Dawn Learning Studio, we do cater for periodic reviews every quarterly where we hold workshops to review several topics at a go! These have been extremely popular for our time-crunched JC students!

Bonus: Exam Tips to Take Note Of!

Last but not least, here are some tips to take note of during your quizzes, mid-terms, or final examinations.

Need Help to Ace Your JC Maths in 2021?

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