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What’s a Good Time to Start Tuition for H2 Math?

January 14, 2020 | By newdawn

Students often wonder if they should sign up for H2 math tuition or if they will eventually be able to grasp the gist of their learning material on their own. While the latter isn’t impossible, it’s reasonably more challenging, and getting tuition on this subject could get you the help you need to get ahead much more quickly!

So if you’re torn between seeking for help or not, here’s what you need to know about H2 math tuition in Singapore, and when to sign up!

Differences between Secondary School Math and JC Math

Although some of the topics overlap, there are many core differences between secondary school math and JC modules. Firstly, JC math is much more in-depth than in secondary school. While the latter may teach you specific topics and methods that you will use again in JC, you’ll have an introduction to many new techniques at a faster rate.

Students often find secondary math to be more straightforward, while JC math requires learners to study and think harder. While studying math (secondary school), you’ll learn about measurements, algebra, geometry, statistics, and probability. However, once you begin H2 mathematics, you’ll learn a variety of new topics, including sequences, vectors, complex numbers, and calculus. This list is just a start—many other issues may arise during your coursework.

Secondly, when preparing for the secondary math exam, you know what to expect. The math exam only covers a brief list of topics, and the questions are more standard. If you practice and study enough, there shouldn’t be any surprises in you A math or E math exams.

On the other hand, JC maths exams will cover a variety of topics. Questions are not always as easy to understand. Students must think about every math question before they proceed, as it’s common for these topics to jump around a good deal. It’s not uncommon for students to confuse math topics. Since the math topics link in one way or another, if you do not fully understand the current module at hand, your comprehension of the next one will suffer.

Lastly, secondary school math requires less computation. Because of this, students often find these modules to be more manageable. H2 math has much more demanding computation requirements. When combined with so many new topics, you may find yourself unable to answer any questions if you know have enough knowledge and practice. That’s why JC math tuition is so helpful for students. In JC math, you do learn something new every single day.

The Risks of Starting JC Math Tuition Late

Do you need to begin H2 math tuition Singapore right away? The answer to this question indeed relies on your background and knowledge of math. If you struggled with secondary school math, then beginning tuition right away is the best choice. However, if you excelled in the previous math, you may choose to wait until you reach a topic you don’t understand.

Sometimes, students forget how to answer questions from their secondary school math. Since these topics do appear again in H2 math, early tuition is beneficial. A tutor will review previous modules to make sure you retain what you already know.

Many students make the mistake of signing up for tuition right before their exam. Even though a month may seem like enough time to practice a variety of topics, it’s not early enough. Those who join tuition later often end up doing poorly on the exam. They may not be even able to promote to JC2. Consistency is critical if you want to succeed.

Every student needs to realize that success in H2 math is all about regular practice. Even if you think you understand a topic, if you don’t answer enough practice questions, you may forget the correct techniques. Those who succeed in JC maths usually spend more time working on a variety of math questions and topics than those who do not.

When you sign up for JC math tuition, a highly experienced tutor will begin working with you right away. They know how to see your weaknesses and help you overcome any obstacles. A tutor will also help sort through the various questions to aid in your study. By the time you take the exam, you’ll have more exposure to different types of math questions than students who do not seek tuition. This one-on-one studying will ensure you are ready for any questions on the exam.

The Student’s Interest in Maths

If you were to evaluate a variety of students, you would learn that many kids are not competent in maths. Because of this, they become disinterested in the subject altogether. However, university admission often relies on not only knowledge but also interest. The JC system looks for independent thinkers, and a lot of emphases is placed on self-directed learning.

However, if a student becomes better at maths, they will gain a newfound interest in the subject. These students tend to retain information better, and the score higher on exams. H2 math tuition can help a student who is weak at math get stronger. The sooner you find a tutor, the better the results. At New Dawn Learning Studio, we offer tuition to those who may be struggling with H2 Math, or just want to strengthen their knowledge in the subject! With carefully planned study itineraries and up-to-date research on examination trends, we confidently help students master H2 Math and score in their A levels.


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