Useful Apps That Can Help Students Get Through the Exam Period

Finding it difficult to concentrate on your revision notes? Can’t seem to get your schedule organized to ensure you can cover all the topics before the upcoming examinations? Catch yourself feeling super stressed out and anxious every time you think about the next paper?

Good news, this article here to recommend some useful apps that are the perfect solutions to these common exam woes that students everywhere face – even in Singapore!

Productivity App for Students: Todoist

Feeling overwhelmed about the many subjects you need to revise before the exams begin? Don’t have a clear picture of what needs to be done next after you are done with a subject’s revision?

A productivity app like Todoist is just the right thing to help get you organized and on track to success.

The Todoist app comes with some useful features such as:

  • Sections & Subtasks

    – so that you can organize your topical revision under a subject umbrella and clear them one topic at a time.

  • Priority Levels & Reminders

    – that work together to highlight time-sensitive tasks that you need to complete before a certain deadline keeping you on track to finishing your revision for each particular subject before the date of the exam.

  • Boards

    – provides a quick overview of the tasks at hand – so you know how much more revision you have for the day or before the paper.

  • Productivity Visualization

    – daily, weekly, and monthly dashboards to help keep you motivated

  • Integration with Google Calendar

    – allows you to sync up with your personal calendar so you can ensure that your revision schedule is not clashing with any other personal commitments.

Check out the app here! Comes with a free basic account – ideal for students!

Note-taking App for Students: Liquid Text

Prefer taking notes digitally instead of relying on traditional paper and pen?

Well, LiquidText is a great app to help digitally savvy students create digital revision notes that are quick and easy to scan and review before the examinations.

Say goodbye to lugging huge files of physical notes on the day of your exams for last-minute revisions when all your notes can be found on your digital device – be it your mobile phone or an iPad.

The LiquidText app comes with some useful features such as:

  • Generate Mind Maps

    – helps you to easily create mindmaps that are linked back to source documents – so you can not only get a quick overview of your subject matter but also be able to access any further explanations quickly if needed.

  • Drag Excerpts

    – not a fan of typing your notes? Drag and drop excerpt from your source document directly into your new set of notes

Check out how this first-hand sharing of how a student uses the app in their studies.

Like most apps for students, this also comes with a free base plan!

Flashcard App for Students: Anki

Learning through active recall is one of the best ways of retaining information and flashcards are a great method designed to facilitate just that.

Find physical flashcards too time-consuming to create and a waste of paper? It’s time to consider digital flashcards like Anki!

Thanks to technology, making flashcards is now as easy as taking a quick picture or typing your question and answer into the app. Don’t have time to do it for all your subjects? Gather a group of classmates and split the work of creating flashcards for each topic and share them amongst yourselves. Win-win!

Now you can study and test yourself on the go!

Check out the free app here!

Mindfulness App for Students: Headspace

Preparation for exams can be a very stressful activity for most students, and that is why apps like Headspace come in handy to help students manage their stress and anxiety and all these negative better via useful exercises like meditation and mindfulness courses.

The Headspace app comes with some useful features such as:

  • Wake up

    – inspirational stories and mini-meditations to help you start your day right

  • Guided meditation

    – with meditations tailored for different needs – from managing anxiety, dealing with stress, simple breathing exercises, and more – to cope with challenges that students face day-to-day

  • Focus playlists

    – that are curated specially to help boost concentration and focus – exactly what a student in full-on revision

  • Move mode

    – short and simple exercises to help you strengthen your physical well-being amidst the crazy mugging schedule

  • Sleep exercises

    – to help create a more conducive setting for students to get a better night’s sleep after a long day of revision

Extremely easy and convenient to use, there is no longer an excuse to neglect your mental wellbeing during these stressful times!

Check out the free app here!

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