December 02, 2019 | By Yi Kai

Your promo results for H2 math may not be up to your expectations though you have studied so hard. It may seem like you are destined to fail H2 math, but fret not, it’s not the end of the world and there are still ways to get back on track!

  1. Getting the fundamentals right

Most H2 math questions could not be tackled by a blind application of steps. H2 math requires JC students to be flexible in their approach and hence a good grasp of the concept is required before students can even apply them.

If you are lagging behind on J1 math topics, you should give your math lecture notes a revision and briefly study through them. Instead of just reading through line after line, try pondering the implications and understanding how to apply them. Allowing yourself to go deeper into the understanding of each topic. If you do not understand anything in your lecture notes, you should seek help immediately from either your JC math teachers or join in on H2 math tuition classes.

Moreover, lecture notes should be read in advance, it would also be good to put a lot of practice on example questions first. This way you would know which areas of the subject that you do not understand and could listen out for such areas during math lectures. You are better able to understand the theory and grasp the concepts quickly.

  1. Practice, practice, practice

Knowing of each math formula is but one thing, JC students need to understand how to apply the theory. My teachers would always say that math is like a machine, we need to oil it constantly or we will lose it completely.

JC students need a large exposure to as many math questions as possible, preparing them for possible questions that could come out in the H2 math exams and allowing them to better tackle difficult math questions. Moreover, it would teach students how to apply certain theories at the appropriate moment, which could be a headache for some. Practising would also allow students to gain speed in tackling math questions as they would be more aware of what to zoom into when the question is presented to them, familiarising their thought process with them such that they are able to think of possible methods quicker.

JC students are encouraged to develop a habit to practicing H2 math almost every day, we at New Dawn Learning Studio recommend out students to practice 3-5 questions per day. The tutorials are usually not comprehensive enough for students and are only a tool for the H2 math tutors to see if you understand the concept, and frankly speaking, to gauge if they need more practice. Good places to source H2 math questions could come from seniors and school’s photocopying shops that sell past year H2 math papers. I get most of mine from New Dawn Learning Studio, where the questions are sorted based on difficulty levels that are tailored to the individual. My advice when it comes to practising would be to slowly build up the difficulty level of math questions allowing slow and modest improvements while not demoralising oneself.

Before the exam period, you would want to practice topical math questions to have a better overview of the topic. However, approaching the prelims and A levels, it is recommended to switch to doing past year H2 math exams. Not only would it allow students to have ample practice across all topics but it also allows the familiarisation with the exam format and how math questions are phrased.

  1. Develop perseverance

There are always going to be difficult math questions out there that JC students can never run away. Trust me, with many friends who take further maths and H3 math, I have come to realise that they are good not solely because they are smart but also because they persevere when they see hard questions. Though the end goal is the answer, remember that students are also awarded for showing their methods. Students should not give up on the questions in the exam, hence, it is encouraged to students to build the habit of perseverance in their everyday practice.

When encountering a hard math question, do not immediately flip to the answer. Attempt it, if it requires a day then let it be, and try to tackle the math question from as many angles as possible. After struggling for a day or two, then look at the answer and understand it well. This would not only develop grit but it would allow you to better appreciate the method as well.

(Disclaimer, I would advise leaving such questions to the last in exams as to save time and maximise marks. Come back to it after you secured the other marks.

Prepare for H2 Math Exams Singapore

At New Dawn, the H2 math tuition classes would provide you with sufficient practices and develop your grit in tackling questions if you have difficulty in finding questions or give up easily. Most importantly, if you need to strengthen your understanding, New dawn would always be there to address the gaps with their constant support and comprehensive notes.

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