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Is Math Tuition Necessary in Singapore?

February 12, 2020 | By Valerie Tan

When I was young, my parents enrolled me in many enrichment classes – swimming, art, piano, etc. You would have already guessed, they never left academic classes out. In fact, I’ve had 2 math tuitions at the same time in primary school. Before you say that my parents are crazy, let me share with you that I know of multiple friends who had multiple tuitions for the same subject as well. Of course, I am not encouraging you to follow my footsteps, because it is an absolute waste of money and time. This leads me to my next question, is H2 math tuition a necessity in Singapore, or is it merely a waste of time?

I used to be so bent on not having tuition my entire JC life, but I truly felt that I had received all the help I could get. However, paper after paper, I was merely receiving Bs for my H2 Math. During my JC year 2, I decided to attend H2 math tuition in New Dawn has made me finally realise that for a number of students, additional guidance is necessary for JC students. Let me explain to you why.

  1. Smaller class—boosts learning

“Oh no, what if my classmates judge my questions?” Has this thought ever crossed your mind? It sure is scary when you are in a class with 20+ classmates. In smaller group tuitions of less than 10 people, you are bound to be less anxious, and hence more confident of speaking up. Besides, the whole tuition session is made up of students from different schools, they would most likely forget about your existence once you guys step out of the tuition centre anyway. Savage, but true. Thus, under a stress-free environment like tuition classes, it is always easier to absorb knowledge and enhance your learning.

  1. Customised and focused teaching

I cannot emphasise any further how huge the leap is from O-levels A Math to JC H2 Math. Hence, it is important that you have the right resources to help you cope with this huge step. Lessons conducted in school cater to the vast majority and may not suit your learning style. On the other hand, tutors are able to give their undivided attention to you; and are more aware of your individual weaknesses and strengths. With the intense H2 math syllabus coupled with the tight schedule of the JC curriculum, it is very difficult for a teacher in school to tackle student’s weak topics effectively. Conversely, tutors are able to dedicate more time (and in fact offer 24/7 messaging services for homework help) to clarify doubts which a school teacher may not have enough time to do so in the classroom. Hence, tuition teachers are able to adapt and cater to each and every student needs.

  1. The tutor is always your choice

To tell you the truth, not all teachers are liked by all of their students. Hey, don’t be offended by this.  Every one of us has definitely came across a teacher whom we are not comfortable with. However, the bad news is that – we are not able to choose our teachers in school. Having H2 Math tuition  is an advantage for students as we get to learn better with a teacher whom we develop a genuine connection with. After a couple of tuition lessons and you feel that your current tuition teacher is not up to standard? Simply switch to a more suitable tuition centre for you, problem solved! The good news is students have the freewill to choose tutors which cater to their learning needs.

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