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How to Start Learning H2 Math Right | New Dawn Learning Studio

January 24, 2020 | By Yi Kai

As we move on to 2020 and a new batch of J1 students enter, many would take up the challenge of tackling H2 math. H2 math may contain more abstract concepts that may be difficult for some to grasp, so it is good to start early and build a strong foundation.

Don’t Miss the Lectures

In junior college, content is taught in a lecture-tutorial type of system in contrast to a classroom setting in secondary school. The bulk of the content vital to establishing a strong foundation is taught during lectures. However, many may choose to skip the lectures thinking that they can always watch the recordings, only to be lazy and never watch them. To maximize the efficiency of the H2 math lecture, my advice would be to read through the lecture notes before the lecture and attempt to solve example questions if possible. This is so that you can have a rough idea as to what is being taught and not “switch off” or feel lost. Moreover, you should underline or highlight the parts that you do not understand in the lecture notes so that you know when to raise questions and what to listen out for during the lecture or during your H2 math tuition. Additionally, you should write notes on the margin to summarize the paragraph or jot down tips that the lecturer offers.

Attempt the Tutorial Questions Beforehand

Attempt all tutorial questions with diligence as soon as possible after the lectures when the content is still fresh. Tutorials are meant to test your understanding so that you would know what to brush up on and what questions to ask during JC Level Math tuition. Moreover, H2 math requires practice as it is an application-based subject and you have to develop the skills of problem-solving. Additionally, tutorials allow you to learn the proper presentation, especially so for hypothesis testing, where some examiners can be very strict on presentation. Furthermore, tutorials would expose you to different methods of solving the same question when your peers present their answers. You could then synthesize the methods to create a more elegant solution or find a method that suits you well and is easy to remember and apply. However, this requires you to attempt the tutorial questions beforehand so that you have a basis of comparison of the answers.

Let Your Graphic Calculator Help You

Familiarize yourself with the graphic calculator. Unlike during the O levels, you now have a new “weapon” that you have paid $120 for, so use it to your fullest extent. There are some questions which do not require you to give the exact answer so do not waste your time in the algebraic manipulations and instead, pump it into the calculator. This is especially useful in finding definite integrals, solving simultaneous equations, finding roots etc. The GC would come in even more useful in statistics where there are already built-in functions to find probabilities in DRV and CRV, the p-value in hypothesis testing and finding other unknowns. It could be used to check your solutions. For example, when it comes to indefinite integrals, you could use the definite integral function and place in random values for the limits to check if the area is the same. I am sure that the GC could be further exploited and H2 math tutors as well as school tutors would probably know this at the back of their hands.

If you have been struggling to understand the concepts no matter how hard you’ve studying your lecture and tutorial materials, you may want to consider taking up A Level Math tuition. Your tutors will also require time to understand you and teach you in a way that you can comprehend. Signing up for tuition classes last minute might not be as effective and hence you should start early. At New Dawn Learning Studio, the H2 math tutors will provide you with notes that are more digestible and questions that could are easier to tackle so that your learning would be more progressive in nature. Moreover, it is taught in a classroom setting that you might be more accustomed to and it would also allow you to easily raise questions unlike in a lecture. Additionally, unlike JC tutors who have other responsibilities to attend to in school, our H2 math tutors may be more focused on teaching.

JC is a short 2-year period and it is good to start early in your preparation. This is especially so for H2 Mathematics which many might find difficult. H2 math tuition might help some to stay afloat and possibly excel in the subject but you should start early to reap the full benefits.

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