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How to start JC 2 right

July 20, 2020 | By Yi Kai

How to start JC2 right?

After having gone through all the A level Math, Physics and/or Chemistry syllabus and finally be able to heave a sigh of relief as you are promoted to the next stage of your junior college life. Having been through the tough journey in JC1, you might want to reduce the stress on yourself for JC2 but may not know how to do so. Fret not, there are ways that you would be able to reduce the load on yourself and I would like to give you some advice.

Revise What You Have Learned in JC1

Before the start of the new school year, you might want to do some revision of your JC1 h2 content that you may have issues with. Some JCs may have block tests just after the December holiday with the intention of motivating the students to revise their content rather than going all out to play. While it might be tempting to study only at the last minute, I would recommend that you put in some effort to revise and study your Math, Physics or Chem materials as it would go a long way. This ensures that the content that you have learnt in JC1 would still be in your head and you would be prepared to attend lessons once school reopens as these are usually topics that build on your JC1 knowledge. For example, differential equations in H2 Math requires you to know how to integrate, especially in the natural logarithmic form. H2 Physics would require your Newtonian mechanics knowledge in topics like electro-magnetism, and so on. Thus, even if you do not have any block test after the holidays, I would advise that you still revise and prepare for your future lessons.

Improve by Signing Up for Tuition Classes

If you find that your understanding of the subjects is poor, you may want to improve on your weaker areas through signing for A level Math, Physics or Chem tuition. I would strongly encourage you to improve your understanding of the topic as it would allow you to better recall the information. From Bloom’s taxonomy, understanding the content is on a higher cognitive level compared to simple recalling and memorizing of information. Your memory would be better able to retain the information if you fully understand the concepts. Moreover, in mathematics and physics, you could derive certain equations in the examination hall when you have forgotten certain aspects. Additionally, there are also small details that you might miss when you attempt to just memorize the lecture notes word for word and hence when tested on such minute details, you might miss them. Singing up for H2 Math tuition,H2 Chemistry tuition and A Level Physics tuition would be able to help you understand such topics better and allow yourself to be better prepared for examinations in JC2 while you have time during the December holidays before school starts.

Start Filing and Organizing

Another tip would be to start filing your things. The December holidays is a great time where you have time to organize your notes. By filing your school notes and maybe A Level math tuition or physics notes, you would be able to find your notes easily and study any particular section quickly when the hectic exam season strikes. Moreover, it would allow you to easily look through the mistakes that you have made in the past and correct them. Looking through the errors that you have committed in the past helps you to understand why they were made and follow up by coming with ways to mitigate such errors from occurring again in the future. I would always look through my tutorials before the examinations despite having reviewed them countless times so that I would not make the same mistakes again.

Some might even want to go one step further and look through what the school is going to teach when school reopens. A level math tuition would definitely prepare you for this too. It’d be good to have a basic understanding of what is going to be taught when you step into lecture and know what to look out for.

The start of JC2 will be hectic with all the competitions and performances occurring in the first half of the year, followed by intense revision leading up to the A levels. A good block test score at the start might just be the confidence booster you need and give you the determination to push on.

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