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How to start JC 1 right

February 24, 2020 | By Valerie Tan

JC1s and the rest of you guys who are taking O levels this year, here’s the hard truth. Junior College is not a place like secondary and primary schools obviously, where you could study just 1 month before the major examinations and you still got your good grades. If I could turn back time, I would have never played so much in my 1st year, because imagine how much time I would have had to get my foundation right if I gave my 100% in the first place. No sugar-coating here, you really reap what you sow. You’ve got to work to get your expected results. And sometimes, hard work alone is not enough. Here are some tips to start your JC1 right.

  1. Get your daily/weekly journals

I started making my own bullet journal at the start of JC2 and boy, can I just say that this habit has helped me a lot? I wished I had done that in JC1! I am a fake (lol) artsy person, I can’t do art at all, but aesthetically-pleasing items make me feel more motivated to get work done. So even if you can’t decorate, no worries, there are plenty of pretty planners/ journals out there which can save you lots of time as well! I found this particular study planner in Japan and I fell in love with it! You can get yours in Singapore at Tokyu Hands. Meanwhile, if you are not a hardcopy kinda person, feel free to access online templates! Get your free printable study templates here:

With journals/ planners, I am able to draft out and get a quick overview of how my week is going to be like. Since New Dawn’s lesson schedules are flexible, it makes everything so much easier for me to use the template and slot in ‘H2 JC Math tuition’ and ‘H2 JC Chem tuition’. This way, it is less tedious and tiring for me to keep track of my activities when everything is organised.

  1. Have conducive study environments

I’ve got to admit that a lot of my studying sessions with friends ended up unproductive. Yes, friends are great but when they are in big groups, they really are my greatest distractions when I need to do serious work. Hence, I realised that I work best in a small study group or when I am alone. Furthermore, you need to know your company. Are they friends who will gossip with you all day? Or are they friends who influence you to be serious when work needs to be done? This will determine how your study session is going to turn out.

The studying space matters too. Before or after every Math tuition class at New Dawn Learning Studio, I would make myself comfortable in their study space. Not only am I grateful for the cozy study space, but  I am also happy that there are snacks to fill my tummy at their pantry. Hence, find a place which makes you feel like your second home 🙂

  1. Strike a “work-life” balance

Last but definitely not the least, have a “work-life balance”. It’s a term commonly used among working adults, but I find it absolutely important for students too. Studies are not the only things life is about. Don’t forget to spend quality time with family and friends, and on yourself pursuing your hobbies, etc. You may be laughing at me right now, like “JC where got time to do all these?” All I am saying is that, study very hard, but hey please take a chill pill. (I probably am using old generation jargon but yes you get my point.) Anyway, whatever you do in your JC1 life, have a fruitful and fulfilling one. All the best<3

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