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How to Prepare for Your A-Level Chemistry Exams

November 22, 2019 | By newdawn

A-Levels are, without doubt, some of the most challenging exams that you can face as a student. It is therefore not surprising that you’ll find yourself needing assistance with some of the more challenging subjects such as H2 Chemistry! That’s why we’ve put together this little guide to help you plan just how you’re going to prepare for your A-level Chemistry exams.

The Challenges of A-Level H2 Chemistry

The main challenges that are presented with H2 Chemistry are the levels of in-depth knowledge that are required in order to pass the A-level exams. The emphasis in these exams is placed very much on understanding different scientific concepts and principles.

However, students have only a limited amount of time to build the required foundations and comprehension. As a result, additional Chemistry tuition is often required before the A-level exams to fully grasp everything you need to know.

The Elements of H2 Chemistry

H2 Chemistry comprises of two core elements, physical Chemistry and organic Chemistry and students are expected to have a sound understanding of both areas. In the physical Chemistry section, student’s must recognise that the syllabus places greater emphasis on both the knowledge and application of scientific principles with less focus on learning pure facts which experts believe does not display a full understanding of the topic matter.

Students will find that the H2 Chemistry syllabus initially begins with an extensive study of electronic configuration, the primary component on which the essential topics of chemical structure and bonding are based upon.

All students will be required to study composition and bonding and to develop a comprehensive knowledge of this particular field will be expected. Often, this is an area where students can benefit from further H2 Chemistry tuition as you will be required to predict trends in properties of matter and their reactions accurately.

As this is a complex topic, gaining additional guidance from a highly experienced and knowledgeable H2 Chemistry educator will be hugely beneficial. It will provide comprehensive and structured teaching to help you organise all this information, and make it more digestible.

It is this structure that facilitates a clear and sound understanding of the principles and applications surrounding H2 Chemistry. It is only with the foundation that students can gain the desired grades in A-Level Chemistry exams.

Preparation Methods

When you embark on your H2 Chemistry course, you will initially need to gain a detailed understanding of the atomic structure of elements and the bonding between different elements to form compounds. It is therefore vital that students develop easy to understand notes that come complete with detailed and thorough explanations as without these critical tools, excelling in the exams would be nearly impossible.

Once students have a sound understanding of atomic structure and bonding, the H2 Chemistry course will move towards a technical understanding of thermochemistry, thermodynamics and reaction kinetics.

This preparation will act as a foundation for Chemical equilibrium, including acid-base equilibrium and solubility equilibrium. It is a highly complex area within the A-Level Chemistry syllabus. It requires students to gain a deeper understanding of chemical reactions with more emphasis placed upon calculations and qualitative explanations.

How Joining an H2 Chemistry Tuition Can Improve Your Grades

A-Level H2 Chemistry is renowned for being a highly content-intensive subject. Students will be required to develop an in-depth understanding of the subject as well as being able to apply it to real-world situations in a practical sense. Students will be required to take detailed notes and be able to both ask and answer well-structured questions.

At New Dawn Learning Studio, our H2 Chemistry tuition is designed to shorten learning curves which will enable students to gain the desired grades in A-Level Chemistry. It is thanks to our experienced Chemistry tutors who will assist in answering challenging questions as well as guidance with problems that are frequently posed in exams.

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