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How to Make Your Home More Conducive to Learning

April 08, 2020 | By Yi Kai

Covid-19 has caused more lessons to be online as tuition centers close down and schools have begun to adopt such measures. Moreover, you can no longer visit Starbucks and study rooms at community centers are closed too. You are forced to study at home but it is filled with distractions and is not a conducive environment to attempt difficult H2 math questions. In view of this, I would like to offer some tips to reduce the amount of distractions as much as possible.

Study on a full stomach and never skip meals

It is common for many to munch on snacks while they study. However, have you noticed that you would begin to re-read lines and have difficulty understanding the material? When you munch on snacks, your focus is divided, thus making it harder to comprehend what your notes are saying. Being full would help you last through the study session without having to spend half your mind on food, ensuring that you are fully focused. Moreover, your brain requires energy to function and thus a sated stomach is necessary for you to properly analyse and tackle difficult questions.

Noise management

Compared to studying at a quiet library, you are exposed to noisy younger siblings or the noise from the television next door etc. These noises could drive you crazy and reread lines multiple time without understanding what it is trying to say. Some might be use to listening to music and could use that to drown out the noise. However, for those who do not have a habit of listening to music would find the rhythm and melody distracting and listening to music could reduce their focus further. If you belong to the latter group, you could try to use ambient noise to drown out other distracting noises.

When it is too hot, you get all sweaty and sticky making yourself uncomfortable. When it is too cold, all you do is tremble. In school, you are able to walk around and find the perfect spot for you to do your H2 math tuition practice questions or tutorials. If you have the luxury of an aircon, adjust it to a comfortable temperature rather than the extremes so that you would not be constantly feel like re-adjusting the temperature. Moreover, you could plan your study routine such that you spend more time studying early in the morning and later in the evening when it is cooler. Ensure that your notes have a weight on them so that they would not fly around the place or make distracting rustling sounds.

Studying with study mates

If you need others around to motivate you, it would difficult to `jio’ other friends to physically study. You could try to skype call them and study together across a screen. This could be beneficial as your peers could enforce discipline onto you to study and allow you to be more focused on your own. Moreover, you could engage in discussions to tackle challenging questions or clarify doubts that you may have. However, too many people in a single session could be distracting and the discussion could skew off from academics. It is advisable to limit the group to 3-4 members and any more than that would turn it into a party.

Stay away from social media

Handphones, emails, YouTube and Instagram are common distractions. When studying a difficult and try subject, it would be especially difficult for you to resist the urge of entertainment and distractions. Having to study without getting distracted is another challenge. You could turn off your phone but you would only turn it on again when you have a compulsion to check your Instagram, so turning off would not be an effective solution. You could try downloading apps such as Forest that limit you from using your phone and penalize you whenever you exit the application to use other applications. The penalty would discourage you from checking your phone and encourage you to better focus on your studies.

Hopefully the Covid-19 situation would pass soon and allow us to return to our natural studying habitat. Our H2 Math tuition classes can resume normally then.

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