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How to look for a good H2 Math Tutor?

February 06, 2020 | By Yi Kai

H2 math is a challenging subject to learn and it can be difficult to find a ‘good’ tutor. ‘Good’ is a matter of perspective and you have to discover what you are looking for in a H2 math tuition?

Some may seek H2 math tuition for the purpose of strengthening their foundation and improving their understanding of math concepts. I would highly recommend that you find tutors that acclimatise their teaching styles to support your learning. For example, you may learn better through illustrations, you should then look for tutors that would present the theories and concepts through images and mind maps. In addition, you may also want to look out for smaller group settings as it would be easier for you to consult your tutors. At the same time, small group teaching encourages classroom engagement as students vocalise and discuss their thoughts and ideas.

It is also important to look for tutors who craft concise notes for their students. This is extremely helpful during your revision as so you would be able to focus on the key concepts without additional theories which may confuse you. Concise notes are also important during the exam rush-hour as it makes your revision efficient and effective. When you are trying to establish your foundational concepts, do not rush and make sure you comprehend the theories thoroughly. Hence, it is important that you consult a tutor that has patience and understands the pace of his students.

However, if you are looking to maintain that A grade or to challenge yourself, the tutor you should be looking for would be different. I would suggest that you find tutors who have a rich and timely-updated question bank which can concretise your understanding and push yourself to the next level. Moreover, tutors who offer different methods of solving questions can broaden your knowledge and improve your application skills. You should also look out for H2 math tutors who encourage active discussion in the class as this can improve your critical thinking skills which are essential for H2 math. At the same time, spontaneous discussions enables you to receive multiple perspectives from other students, encouraging experiential learning.

A rare characteristic that I feel a tutor should have is that they should be able to deliver the lesson with vigour and passion. Renowned physicist Richard Feynman would practice for hours before his lectures to ensure that his lesson was engaging and filled with fervour. If you have watched is lectures, you would agree with me that everyone would grow an interest for the subject. I feel a tutor should be able to invoke passion in their students such that they would become motivated and interested in the subject. This is definitely no easy task for a tutor but it is a core quality to improve and develop an engaging classroom.

To look for a good H2 math tutor, you should look for reviews through peers, social media and google. More importantly, sign up for the trial lessons to see if the tutor’s teaching style suits you.

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