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How to Ace A-Level Chem? Study Tips by Top A Level Chemistry Tuition Centre

March 17, 2021 | By Yi Kai

Finding yourself struggling with A-Level chemistry after the first few months in school? Wondering why is the subject suddenly so hard to understand? Or simply not able to keep up with whatever your teacher is going through during lectures because they are going through too quickly?

Before you start hyperventilating, do not worry, all is not lost yet. It is only 3 months into the year, and if you are a JC 1 student you still have more than a year to get yourself up to speed – and ready for the all-important A ‘levels. That is of course assuming you are going about it the right way.

So, what is the right way? Read on for more tips on how anyone can ace their A-Level Chem exams!

The Difference Between O Level & A Level Chem

Before we jump into the tips, we want to first acknowledge that there is a significant difference between what you have learnt in secondary school and now in junior college.

O’ Level Chem Syllabus

A’ Level Chem Syllabus

11 sub-topics: From experimental chemistry to organic chemistry.


  • define the term isotopes
  • deduce the numbers of protons, neutrons, and electrons in atoms and ions given proton, and nucleon numbers

13 sub-topics: From atomic structure to chemistry of transition elements (With much more in-depth explorations into each sub-topic)


  • describe the number and relative energies of the s, p, and d orbitals for the principal quantum numbers 1, 2 and 3 and also the 4s, and 4p orbitals
  • explain the factors influencing the ionisation energies of elements

And that is one of the main reasons why main students like yourself are experiencing the struggle to keep up.

Additionally, with many of the topics in A-Level Chem building on previously learnt topics, success in this subject requires a strong fundamental understanding of the basic chemistry concepts.

But again, all this can be overcome with some simple changes to your studying habits!

Go Through and Clarify Every Concept Fully

You need to understand the concepts taught. Period. There is no getting around this very first step. I guess most of you know this. But the challenge for many students here may be how to go about that?

At New Dawn Learning studio, we believe strongly in the importance of reviewing, practicing, and clarifying concepts in order to understand them fully.

That is the reason why our A Level Chem Tuition classes are designed in such a way:

Be Consistent

This is a common helpful tip that many of our top-scoring students have shared with us about their revision habits.

Having a consistent revision schedule is key to success. What does it mean in practice?

Sounds simple enough? Now it is time to put it into practice. Trust us when we say this hard work will pay off at the end of two years!

Practice Makes Perfect

Like any other subject or skill, practice is key to becoming an expert.

At New Dawn Learning Studio, we ensure our students get enough practice on every topic, allowing them to truly test their comprehension of each topic. If you can get all the questions right, you have already mastered the topic!

Now that will definitely help you get in the hours you need to become an expert in this subject. Do not have tuition? Do not worry. Just get yourself a good assessment book or TYS and start working on the questions every week!

Start Revision Early

Don’t want to panic last minute? Make sure you start your A Level Chem revision early. Don’t leave it till a few months before the exam.

Keep a regular schedule for revision every week, develop summary notes or mind maps as you learn each topic, and you will be well-prepared ahead of time.

Need help with revision? At New Dawn Learning Studio, we also conduct workshops to helps students with structured reviews of several topics at a go every quarter. These have been extremely popular for JC students who need help with a guided revision session.

Pass Your JC Chem Exams With Flying Colours This Year!

Need a helping hand to ace this tough subject? Our specialized Chemistry tutors can help you!

Learn more about our JC Chem tuition classesand our amazing track record of JC graduates over the years!

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