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Do I Need A Level Physics Tuition? Here Are 5 Signs That Would Indicate YES!

March 03, 2021 | By Yi Kai

Now that it is March, we are almost at the end of the first quarter of the year. For JC1 and JC2 students, that also means you are that much closer to your big milestone – the A’ Level examinations.

The first few months transiting into a new schooling environment might have been intimidating for some of you! Especially when it involves adjusting to an entirely new routine, new teachers, classmates, and an even tougher syllabus – particularly so for complex subjects like Physics.

After the first 3 months of settling in, are you now entertaining thoughts that you might need tuition at this point? Do not be shy! Getting help early is a much better idea than doing it too last minute and close to the exams!

If you are still uncertain, take a look at the 5 simple signs that would suggest you do!

You Did Not Do Well For O’ Level Physics

If this was the case for you, in the first three months you might have found yourself struggling with the topics in school.

Why so? The A ‘Level Physics syllabus builds on what you learned and studied in secondary school. If you did not have a good foundation for the core topics then, it would make it harder now to catch up with the harder and more complex topics in junior college.

Want to do better? Make sure you get your fundamentals right from the start – trust us, it will only get harder in year 2!

Are You Struggling with New Physics Syllabus in Junior College?

Did well in your O’Level exams yet find yourself struggling with the new concepts being taught in school? Do not worry. You are not alone.

The reality is that the H2 physics syllabus has both a much wider breadth (covers more topics like thermodynamics, quantum physics, and nuclear physics not taught previously) and goes deeper per topic (meaning more theories, formulas, and explanations in greater detail) compared to your pure physics syllabus in secondary school.

And also, not to mention the increased mathematical applications for the subject!

That is why, while a good foundation in O’Level Math and Physics is essential, there is still much more diligence and continual hard work required to master the complexity of A’ Level Physics.

Are You Working Hard but Not Seeing Any Results?

If you are spending a lot of effort on the subject but not seeing any results, something must be going wrong. But what?

Whether you are struggling to comprehend the concepts or finding it difficult to apply theories and formulas to the questions asked, it is a sign that self-help is not enough.

When it comes to breaking down tough concepts and understanding theories, professional help in the form of experience A ‘Level Physic tuition teachers can help you maximize your efforts!

Instead of going around in circles yourself, a trained teacher can help dissect, explain difficult topics, and train you in proper examination answering techniques.

Avoiding the Topic Like the Plague?

This is quite common behaviour amongst students who have lost confidence in the subject – where the idea of just sitting down to study it makes you feel that it is too tough to conquer and why to waste the effort.

If you are feeling so incredibly demotivated on the subject it is time to consider external help! Going about studying Physics the right way, with the help of a tuition teacher can help make things more fun, easy to comprehend, and overall a more enjoyable learning experience.

Thinking of Dropping Your H2 Physics to H1?

Think that H2 physics is too tough for you and want to consider dropping it to H1?

While that is a way to solve your problems temporarily, you may want to consider that H2 physics tends to be an essential entry requirement for particular university courses. If you were to opt to drop your physics to H1, you may not be able to enter courses that you like in university like the following:

• Sciences
• Engineering
• Mathematics
• And many more

Instead, why not work smart to improve your learning for the subject with the help of external guidance? This way you will do well and also have the upper hand when it comes to choosing from a wider variety of courses in the future.

Motivated to Work Smart to Ace Your A ‘Level Physics?

At the New Dawn Learning studio, we want to give our students the head start they need for their subjects!

Our approach to A ‘Level Physics Tuition is simple:

• Handcrafted notes and concept maps that break down each Physics concept succinctly
• Fun short experiments to help you visualize concepts better
• Curated practice questions and post-tutorial clarification sessions to help accelerate learning

Interested to learn more? Come on down and check out our premises and speak to our specialized H2 Chemistry tutor, Mr. Joseph Lee (the invited author GCE A ‘Level H2 Chemistry Ten Years Series) who has a great track record and glowing testimonials from his students.

Learn more about our JC Physics tuition today! Simply drop us a message to arrange for a tour!

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