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Are We All Chemists by Default?

April 30, 2019 | By newdawn

Are We All Chemists by Default?

People are often not aware that everything we do is chemistry. In fact, our bodies are made up of chemicals; when we breathe, eat or sit down studying, chemical reactions take place.  All matter is chemistry. Therefore, chemistry, though many students find it a boring and complicated subject, is important. Chemistry is a scientific discipline on the interactions of matter, involving elements and compounds which consist of atoms, molecules and ions.  When we study Chemistry, we will study the composition, structure and transformation of matter.  Chemistry plays such a crucial role in science that this subject is viewed by scientists as an essential bridge between Physics and Biology. Often termed as “central science”, Chemistry lays the foundation to the understanding of basic and applied scientific discipline, particularly at fundamental levels.

So, looking back, did you stress yourself over Chemistry at ‘O’ Level? Or perhaps, H2 Chemistry is torturing you right now and you start wondering why you need to do it?  Hold your thoughts there because when you are thinking of what is written here, you are applying Chemistry. Chemistry is around us everywhere; it exists as we speak since Chemistry is the study of everything related to matter, and matter is essentially anything that occupies space and has mass. Unaware to most of us, we apply Chemistry in our daily lives. In the morning, we use toothpaste (sodium fluoride, Aluminum hydroxide etc.) to brush our teeth. When we eat, digestion takes place, whereby the chemical reactions between food and enzymes (biological catalyst) help to break down molecule into nutrients which the body absorbs and uses. When we are ill, doctors may prescribe antibiotics which may either kill or inhibit the growth of bacteria. From chemical bonding, to acid-base reaction, to reaction kinetic, all these daily occurrences are in fact part of what we study. If we see all things happen around you as part of a giant science experiment, it will make studying Chemistry less daunting and much more interesting.

Chemistry at ‘O’ Level is optional, an elective subject but it is one of the most essential subjects to pursue in school.  When you are in JC, you have to face H2 Chemistry and you may start to panic, thinking whether whatever you learnt back then is obsolete now, and you have to restart.  What you are lacking right here is understanding. Without doubt, the content is heavier and it is one which can easily overwhelm you. Furthermore, memorization of content will not work anymore in H2 chemistry as it required a much deeper understanding of concept and application. Like any sciences, H2 Chemistry requires sound understanding of fundamental concepts. Without gaining understanding, resorting to mere memorisation of information in H2 Chemistry is defeatist.

Now you are probably wondering what the educators have done to help poor students who lack comprehension in H2 Chemistry.   Maybe your brain chemicals start to trigger you and you start wondering why the education system in school seems to do nothing about it when the problem is real to students who are struggling with H2 Chemistry. The problem lies not with the educators back in school but with the system that does not cater to all.  A set of syllabuses is set out to ensure that everyone is on the same level as they progress but the tool to achieve it does not exist. That is why you see students who struggle start sourcing for a means to level up. Getting a tutor is one of the solutions.

Fret no more.  At New Dawn, the H2 Chemistry tutor who understands the subject inside out and has mastered the art of teaching H2 Chemistry, is there to help students tackle the intricacies of the subject matter effectively. Find the right H2 Chemistry Tuition, you are definitely going to see yourself release the inner chemist in you and the obstacles you face in understanding H2 Chemistry are not insurmountable and good grades are possibly achievable.




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