What are the differences among E-Math, A-Math, and H2 maths?

What is Additional Mathematics (A-Math)?

Additional Mathematics (A-Math) is a prerequisite for students planning to take H2 Mathematics at the junior college level. There are three main pillars in A-Math, namely Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry, and Calculus. The subject aims to provide students with a solid foundation in algebraic manipulation and mathematical reasoning.

What is Elementary Math (E-Math)?

Elementary Mathematics (E-Math), on the other hand, provides students with fundamental mathematical understanding and abilities. The subject has three sections: number and algebra, geometry and measurement, and statistics and probability. In addition to conceptual comprehension and skill competency, the development of process skills that are engaged in the process of learning and applying mathematical concepts is emphasised.

What are the differences among E-Math, A-Math, and H2 maths?

Should you take A-Math or E-Math?

E-Math is compulsory for all students while A-Math is optional. The former helps students understand the mathematical modelling process, whereas the latter goes a step further by requiring students to implement mathematical principles, describe solutions in mathematical form, and interpret solutions in the context of the problem. Overall, A-Math goes deeper into the field of mathematics and enriches students’ mathematical learning journey

Whether you should take A-Math or E-Math is mostly determined by your aptitude for mathematics. As the difference between the two lies in the level of complexity, you can choose whether or not you wish to be introduced to more difficult mathematical concepts. It is also important to examine whether you appreciate the subject of mathematics and solving mathematical problems. It may also be beneficial to consider whether the university course or the career you plan to pursue in the future will require mathematics.

What is H2 Math in Junior College?

H2 Mathematics, also known as “Higher 2 Mathematics”, is taught in Singapore’s junior colleges. This is critical for students who wish to major in engineering, architecture, economics, medicine, or dentistry at the university level, as H2 Mathematics is a prerequisite for these courses.

The six curricular strands in H2 Mathematics are: Functions and Graphs, Sequences and Series, Vectors, Introduction to Complex Numbers, Probability and Statistics, and Calculus. Students are able to naturally transition from A-Math in secondary school to H2 Math in junior college, as the former is meant to provide students with a sound foundation in mathematics.

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