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Interview with Our O Level Students | New Dawn Learning Studio

March 11, 2019 | By

‘Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.’ -Mark Twain 

We all want to be better, but we have to be responsible for the work it takes to get there. Be it to make our parents proud, to please our favorite teachers or even just to prove to ourselves that we are capable, we all want to excel in our examinations.

But how do we go about doing it? For some of us, how come we cannot seem to attain better grades despite trying our best? Solutions can be found at New Dawn Learning Studio where we have concise materials and concept maps to accelerate your learning process.

We also provide a myriad of studying methods for each student, tailored to their learning speed and their style of thinking. We do not believe in moulding each student to be the same but rather for each student to excel in their own unique ways under our careful guidance and curated content.

Hear from our students who performed well in the O’ level examinations and overcame obstacles in their academics.

Ang Yuze:
New Dawn has been my one and only tuition for maths and science, ever since the O levels all the way to the A’s. And for someone like me to rely on a single tuition centre means a lot, as I have a tendency to jump through tuition centres, as long as my results don’t show.  Not only did my results show, from F9 for my A Maths and sciences in the prelims, to straight As for the O levels, the interactive teachers there made each lesson very enjoyable and interesting. This prompts me to be motivated to focus during lesson time while having fun at the same time. New Dawn also laid down a strong foundation for my maths, which was then carried on to my college life, and made maths there so much easier.

Even though this phrase might sound cliche: “Practice makes perfect” indeed.  I was a terrible student who only did last minute revision for my exams in the past. However, I have come to realise that maths, unlike other subjects like humanities, requires constant practice and understanding the concepts of the topics. Be consistent throughout, and don’t get distracted while studying; change your phone into airplane mode, pop a headphone and listen to some soothing music while you study. It will make you feel very accomplished after a long and productive study session. Go through each topic one by one, then identify those weaker ones, and focus more on them during revision.

Lauren Koh:

Undeniably, without attending tuition at New Dawn, I would not have even dreamt of passing A Math in secondary school at all. It was truly with the help of Mr Daniel that I managed to eventually clinch an A2 during O’ levels for A Math, and an A1 for E Math.

I struggled very much with Math in secondary school personally because I was not fond of the subject and I enjoyed the Humanities much more, but it was through New Dawn that I started feeling less resentment towards Math. I remembered not paying attention during school lessons and feeling extremely lost when doing my assignments for A Math, and I even got an F9 for the subject in secondary three.

Honestly, I had other tutors before going to New Dawn, but evidently, my attempts to improve my grades prior to being taught by Mr Daniel were futile. Hence, I believe that tuition can definitely improve one’s grades in secondary school, but this is only if you have found the right tutor to help you along, and I am extremely glad to have found New Dawn to help me along in the subject I disliked very much at first but grew to slowly enjoy it a little more.

One study tip which I found very helpful was to make notes even for a subject like Math. Many people say that Math is just about practice, but it’s also about understanding and making notes which helps a lot.

You don’t have to write every single definition or concept down in full sentences, but it’s very helpful to use A4 blank paper to write down important concepts or formula. Moreover, you should keep track of your common mistakes and make a list of them too, and that helps you improve by avoiding similar mistakes.

New Dawn is committed to your pursuit of excellence in your chosen Math subject, no matter at which level of competency you come to us at.  We understand your anxiety, your confusion and your difficulties and your ambition. It is because of these concerns that New Dawn is set up today just for you. With our expertise and encouragement, at New Dawn, no goal of yours is beyond your reach!

Find out more about secondary Math tuition in Singapore at New Dawn.

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