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Tan Yunn Ting

A.Maths A2
Special Mention:

I am very grateful to have found New Dawn studio during my upper secondary years. Upon entering New Dawn for only 2 months, they have helped my Additional Mathematics jump from a F9 to a B3. Though it might not have been the best grade, considering I’ve only been taught by Daniel for 2 months and have already achieved such leap in grades had helped boost my confidence in Additional Mathematics. In those 2 years I was in New Dawn, I have been treated with great kindness and generosity by both teachers, Daniel and Joseph. I have only attended Daniel’s Additional Mathematics classes and he is the most patient and generous tutor I have ever met. Daniel is willing to give as much addition help as possible, be it giving extra practices or staying after class to help students with inquires. Though Joseph is not my teacher, whenever I have a burning question for either physics or chemistry, he is willing to share his knowledge on said topic. Through the interactions with both teachers, it is known that both teachers teach with passion and I honestly cannot think of any quality more important than that. They communicate with their students in such a way that students are comfortable to share their problems and questions with no hesitation. If asked,I only have good words for both teachers as it is very evident in their comprehensive and constantly updated notes and practices, the way they run their tuition centre where it would not simply be a tuition centre for students but also a second home, and most importantly, their patience and willingness to share their knowledge.