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Sotaro Asai

A.Maths A1
Physics A1
Special Mention:

Before I met Mr Daniel and Mr Joseph, I was struggling with Physics and Add. Math. To me, both subjects were very dry and difficult to understand, and with the added stress of “O” Levels exam looming over my shoulder, I was at a loss. Luckily for me, once i started at New Dawn Learning Studio, I saw an immediate impact made on both understanding of these subjects and my results. Both teachers are very friendly and are always willing to answer and enquiries I had. Lessons were interesting as well as both Mr Daniel and Mr Joseph explains concepts in a way which is easy to understand. They also linked topics to one another to make my understanding of each subject clearer. Both teachers are very hardworking, and they would encourage us to try our best. New Dawn Learning Studio has helped me improve my understanding of each subject, and my ability to critically think and approach each and every question confidently!