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Tan Hui Qing

H2 Math A
Special Mention:

New dawn truly helped me achieve my grades H2 Math and H2 Chemistry : they provided me with patient & caring teachers who were really kind & always willing to help! Mr Daniel really tried to push us to excel & would always spend time even outside of classes to produce good study materials & attend to our extra questions ! Also, even though i was not part of any science classes as a regular student, Mr Joseph would still approach me to ask if i needed help & would also help me with my doubts ! New Dawn also provided me with a conducive environment to do my revision, especially during peak periods where they would open for longer times. the environment was clean and quiet & i really enjoyed studying there. I believe that all the help from the teachers as well as the great environment to study really motivated and helped me to achieve the score that i did! Thanks chers 🤪