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Tina Aw

A. Maths A2

Chemistry A2

Special Mention:

As a student of New Dawn’s A. Math and O Level Chemistry tuition, I have benefited immensely from both teachers, Mr Daniel and Mr Joseph. Not only are they capable in their teaching, their warm and approachable personalities have made my two years in New Dawn fruitful and enriching. Knowing that I can look for them anytime I need additional guidance or simply just some advice in life, is very assuring. Even though both teachers have a unique style of teaching, they have several things in common: they are extremely patient and goes the extra mile to make sure I have grasped the concepts well. Both teachers also believe in more independent-learning style. First, they will give you all the resources that you need (that includes their meticulously prepared notes and mini-lectures). Next, they show you worked examples using their strategy. Then, you will try out the other questions yourself. If you were to struggle doing the questions and ask for help, the teachers will not throw you the answers immediately. Instead, they will prompt you with questions that can align your train of thoughts to the correct concepts, until you figure out the answer. This method has been proven effective as I find myself asking the similar set of questions in my examinations. Before attending New Dawn, I had no faith in my A. Maths and O Level Chemistry. However, with the constant encouragement and guidance I was given, alongside hard work, I found myself achieving greater heights in school and is beyond satisfied with my O’ Level results. As I always tell people, ” New Dawn is more than just a tuition centre. It is my second home, it is a place where I can learn, and also relax in. It is pretty amazing! ” Thank you New Dawn!