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Racheal Grace Ong

IP Exam - A. Maths A1

Special Mention:

For the past four years of my secondary school life, I have received so much help from New Dawn in my Science and Math subjects. I have never been strong in my math and science subjects but tuition in New Dawn not only helped me in improving my grades but also in helping me to understand and enjoy the subjects better. I have attended Secondary Math tuition under Mr Daniel for four years and that really allowed me to have a stronger foundation in math which really benefited me in upper secondary. The carefully selected questions and extra practices really helped me to understand important concepts well and score during the exams, saving me a lot of time for more revision. In Secondary 3, I was struggling with all my chemistry and physics but after attending Mr Joseph’s lessons, I managed to have a better understanding of every science topic and was able to follow lessons in school, as well as improve my grades. All common misconceptions or difficult questions will be gone through, as well as the correct answering technique, enabling me to score well. Lessons are always well-structured and there are more than enough practices which will aid revision. New Dawn has a very homely and comfortable environment and is a place I am very thankful for.