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Orlando Loi

A. Maths A1

E. Maths A1

Chemistry A1

Physics A1

Special Mention:

I have been a student at New Dawn for 4 years and it has personally been my favourite tuition centre. The teachers there, Mr Daniel and Mr Joseph are both very kind, friendly, patient and encouraging. Lessons are effective as they both are able to cater to the needs each student(which I find quite unique about them in the sense that at conventional tuition centres lessons are just generalised and rather “survival of the fittest type” and not specifically aimed to assist every student with their work at their own pace). Learning materials provided by the tutors are helpful as well as they helped me to practice answering the different types of questions. Summary and formula sheets provided were super helpful when I was doing last-minute revision for my O levels. The environment is very cosy and homey as they have spaces where students can rest, relax and study. They also have a snack bar which I enjoy especially when I haven’t had the chance to have a proper meal before the lesson. Overall every aspect of New Dawn is top-notch, which makes it an enjoyable and satisfying experience to have lessons there.