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Nellie Sow

IP Exam - Chem A2

Special Mention:

Many of us know first hand that it can be quite tough when it comes to studying but ever since I attended chemistry and physics lessons in New Dawn, studying these subjects has never been easier. New Dawn provided me with a new source of hope, with comprehensive and consolidated notes that certainly did help me in my day to day revision and most importantly when exams were around the corner. My tutor, Mr Joseph, would always find novel ways to help us remember crucial facts and went about creating new experiences for my friends and I. Not a single time did we dread attending the lessons and we always left with a satisfied and contented heart. With the tips and tricks taught to me at New Dawn, I faced exams and tests with a new burst of confidence. Not only that, Mr Joseph was always willing to cater to our study needs, giving us revision papers when exams were near and practical notes when practical exams were round the corner. Moreover, New Dawn has one of the most conducive studying environment for students, with a comfortable study area specially designed for students as well as snacks provided which makes me want to continue studying there even though lessons had ended. The motivation that New Dawn had provided me with 100% helped me improve. Attending lessons at New Dawn always felt like I was part of a big family as everyone is so friendly and genuinely cares about you. Thank you, New Dawn!