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Lee Zixin

Special Mention:

Long story short, I joined A level math tuition centre – New Dawn, a month before A levels and my grades went from an E grade in prelims to an A grade for my A levels. My JC math tution teacher was Mr Daniel. He was extremely patient with me and effectively clarified my misconceptions about the subject within a short span of a month. In addition, I also attended A level physics tuitions by Mr Joseph. He patiently guided me for Physics throughout my J2, and helped me achieve a grade jump from U to a B in A levels. Overall, trusting New Dawn has been one of the best decisions I’ve made. The tutors’ determination and belief in me enabled me to push forth and excel in my studies. Coupled with the many conducive study areas built specially for students, New Dawn is really my to-go place to study and realize your fullest potential!