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Chan Hoi Yan

Special Mention:

Coming for A level physics tuition at New Dawn with a U grade for this subject, I was honestly not expecting much of a miracle. I was stressed out by the subject because I could not comprehend the Physics theories. Every topic seemed like a foreign language and I lost all interest in the subject. However, my A level physics tuition teacher – Joseph, created notes which were concise and straight to the point, giving me clarity on the subject. Moreover, practice questions provided by Joseph were in ascending level of difficulty, so once I was able to master the hardest questions, school papers felt like a breeze. Sounds like a miracle but in the next test I managed to get a C and for A levels I managed to clinch an A grade! The U to A journey may be an arduous one but definitely possible with Joseph’s help.
I went for Joseph’s H2 Chemistry tuition in the last 3 months leading up to A levels. The techniques taught to tackle certain questions definitely helped me secure that A grade for Chemistry too.
Most importantly, Joseph is more than just a teacher, he is a person who truly cares about his students’ well-being and goes the extra mile to help students become interested in subjects they had previously given up on. My JC Chemistry tuition at New Dawn has become an indispensable part of my JC journey, something I will always cherish.