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Special Mention: Honour Rolls

I entered New Dawn after the Mid Year Examinations (MYE). At that time, my maths was a U grade and I was afraid that I was going to fail my maths at the A levels. Since I joined late, there were chapters that they had gone through and I missed them. But, I am very thankful for Mr Daniel for going out of his way and giving me a mini crash course after classes. The way that Mr Daniel crafted his notes and practices (question types) benefitted me as I could see the similarity in the questions, allowing me to grasp concepts which gave me a headache in the past. In just a short period time (half a year), my maths improved from a U grade to an A grade in A Levels, and I made it to the honour roll in my school.  For those students who aren’t scoring well in your school examinations, just continue to press on and join New Dawn! 🙂