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Justin Lok

Special Mention:

I started taking H2 Chemistry tuition at New Dawn Learning Studio rather late in March after I realised that I needed additional guidance outside of college to cope with the demanding rigour of the H2 Chemistry syllabus. Despite the short time there,teacher Joseph managed to enrich my Chemistry experience and equip me with a variety of tips and tricks to excel for the ‘A’ levels.

Prior to attending lessons at New Dawn, I could only pinpoint mistakes and correct them as I go—which was too slow a process and I often sat for exams with many uncleared doubts. Fortunately, the subsequent help from teacher Joseph in identifying hidden traps, along with clarification of complicated concepts really hastened my revision process; I found myself gaining the confidence I needed for H2 Chemistry which manifested in my condition during mock exams improving greatly.

I wholeheartedly recommend you to hop on the New Dawn journey for a holistic and engaging learning approach; building the confidence and interest in a subject is just as important as concept mastery for any subjects’ curriculum in my opinion! Besides, the friendly and generous teachers and the admin provide an abundance of resources—from their conscientiously crafted concise notes to the pretty and cosy learning environment that’s supplemented with a free flow of snacks for your much-needed energy boosts! Your JC learning experience will be ameliorated with New Dawn 🙂