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A Guide to The Best Conducive Study Spots in Singapore For Students

December 17, 2020 | By Yi Xuan

Need a conducive study spot to mug for your upcoming quiz or end of year exams? If studying at home is too distracting for you or camping out at cafes like Starbucks burning through your weekly allowance, then perhaps it is time to look for some alternatives. And no, we are not talking about neighbourhood fast-food chains where you tend to get chased out of!

But what other alternatives are there, you may ask!

Well, here is some good news – there are plenty of free or low budget and conducive places in Singapore where you can mug to your heart’s content!

Read on to check out some of our students’ favourite studying haunts and more!

Ang Mo Kio: New Dawn Learning Studio – Only for Our Students!

Well, our students are biased of course! Students at the New Dawn Learning Studio have exclusive access to the study area in our spacious and specially designed study areas. Yes, even on days that they do not have a class with us!

In pre-COVID days, they are also able to bring a friend along (this privilege has been temporarily suspended until government regulations allow for it!)

With comfortable bean bags, free flow access to snacks, drinks, power points, Wi-Fi, and even individual learning pods to help keep distractions away – it is perfect for the ultimate study session for students to revise after their enrichment class.

Studying Facilities:

Cost: Free ( More Details )

Bukit Timah: Mug@Blossom (Initiative by Blossom Youth Centre)

Living or studying in the Bukit Timah estate? The Blossom Youth Centre has a specially designated study space for students aged 13 – 25 who need a quiet and conducive place to study!

Studying in a group? There are 2 students’ spaces that can hold up to 20 to 40 students respectively at any time. Although due to Covid-19, the current limit a maximum of 10 pax at any one time (no more than five people per study group), and students must wear masks while in the study space.

Studying Facilities:

Cost: Free ( More Details )

Changi Airport: Free sitting areas & Changi Lounge

An all-time popular studying area for Singaporean students that even non-Easties are willing to travel to in spite of the far-flung location.

Why? Because it has everything you need to study – air conditioning, free Wi-Fi, charging points, plenty of seating options all around, and also a great view of airplanes taking off (although not so much during COVID times).

Alternatively, check out Changi Lounge which offers 2 h packages for $15 onwards

Studying Facilities:

Tip: Some Redditors have a personal preference for basement 1 of terminal 3!

Cost: Free

Rochor: Lowercase Café

One of the rare cafes that allow you to chill and study on-site – maybe it has to do with the fact that they are in the same building as the LASALLE College of the arts and hence expect plenty of their clientele to be students anyway! Win-win for both parties!

Studying Facilities:

Cost: A meal or drink ( More Details )

Our Tampines Hub: Study Tables

Whether you are an early bird or night owl when it comes to studying habits, the study tables at Our Tampines Hub are there for you 24/7! How perfect!

From B1 to L5, there are study tables all around the hub for you to choose from! Additionally, the community zone on L2 is a specially designated Quiet Zone!

Studying Facilities:

Tip: It usually gets crowded during peak hours so try to head there early!

Cost: Free ( More Details )

All Over Singapore: Community Centres

Did you know that more than 370 community clubs (CC), resident committee (RC), and residents’ network (RN) centres across the island open up their air-conditioned rooms to serve as study areas for students during the peak examination period?

During the non-examination periods, a little more than half of the above also remain open for students to use for day-to-day mugging.

If there is a CC, RC, or RN centre near your home, it definitely makes sense to check it out!

Studying Facilities:

Cost: Free ( More Details )


All Over Singapore: Hotdesking at Co-working Spaces

Huh? Aren’t co-working spaces for adults? Well not exactly. It is just spaces that you can use for temporary periods of time for a small fee! While most of the patrons are adult freelancers or small companies, and the typical monthly or weekly fees may be out of your budget, there are day passes that could fit a student’s budget!

Bizcnd offers flexible space sharing – tapping on unused space in co-working spaces to offer much cheaper rates! As of our latest check, there are co-working spaces at Katong, Chinatown, Jalan Besar, Orchard, Outram, Bendemeer, and even Woodlands that were available!

Studying Facilities:

Cost: From $10 per day ( More Details )


Do you have any other suggestions of free (or budget) study spots that are just as conducive and convenient for students? Let us know!

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